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Shantanu Naidu

27 year old Shantanu’s startup talk ‘On Your Sparks’ grabs Ratan Tata’s attention

The startup 'On Your Sparks' was started by Shantanu Naidu. It is an online talk especially in the Lockdown situation, mainly to help aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Corporate mudslinging: Cyrus Mistry v/s Tata Sons

Ratan Tata returned from a retirement period of four years to claim back the throne of Tata Sons. The former chairperson, Cyrus Mistry was sacked because the Tatas weren’t very happy with his style of working.

Ratan Tata replaces Cyrus Mistry as the chairperson of Tata Sons

In a recent development in the corporate world, Cyrus Mistry who was selected to be the succeed Ratan Tata as the chairperson of the Tata group was sacked yesterday.

Ratan Tata’s 10 rules for success

He's Ratan Tata and here are his Top 10 rules for success.