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6 ways which can keep the inspiration alive in entrepreneurs

It isn’t uncommon for a person to lose inspiration and give up because he feels his venture isn’t going anywhere.

Meet Uppma Virdi: Australia’s businesswoman of the year

Uppma Virdi, a 26 year old girl, from Chandigarh, recently made the whole country proud by winning the coveted Australian Business Woman of the Year for her tea business called Chai Walli.
Movies for entrepreneurs

10 Movies for entrepreneurs to make the most of their weekend

Incredible movies that will awaken and inspire the entrepreneur in you.

‘Why trash it, when you can cash it’, say these engineering students from Dehradun

Indians are known for their keen business sense, and for making money even out of small things. Mohneesh and his friend Ashish, both Computer Science students at DIT started a portal that helps people sell their scrap without waiting for the dealer

Inspiring stories of Indian women entrepreneur: How they stood against the society and worked...

As these women are succeeding in their ventures, they are also making it clear to the society that hard work, determination, ambition and leadership are not the traits limited only to men