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Flipkart and Amazon prepare for sales in May, Soon After Lockdown

Flipkart and Amazon have asked their partnered brands and sellers to stock up for the post lockdown sales. They are expecting that many people are waiting to buy non-essential goods post lockdown. The demand for these non-essential goods is immensely high at the moment.
To invest or repay debt

To invest or repay debt – Which should you do first?

Both options have their pros and cons.
things every investor looks for in a startup c

Five things every investor looks for in a startup

Here are a few things investors seek in start-ups while taking the decision of investing.

Forget unicorns – Investors are looking for ‘cockroach’ startups now

2015 was the year of the "unicorn" - private technology-driven startups that reached a valuation of $1 billion or more. But tech and startup investment is going to be defined by a very different beast in 2016 - the cockroach.