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build a solid online presence

5 tips to build a solid online presence

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have gained massive popularity and it is important for a venture to be active on these platforms for an extensive influence
online tracking tools every small business and startup should start using

10 online tracking tools every small business and startup should start using now

Tracking your webmetrics, social media followers, leads, conversions and impressions is essential to record the growth or fall.
essentials for startup success

That one essential thing your start-up depends on

One needs to be absolutely sure that the idea is feasible and has chances of gaining success

6 ways to bounce back after experiencing a failure

In case of a failure, instead of being depressed, one should try and work harder to make things better again

7 tips you must follow for a successful entrepreneurial life

All successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford were successful because they put in their life’s efforts to make their big idea work

8 beneficial social media marketing tools every company should use

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc have proved to be the best to promote products or services.

Simple ways to upgrade your business

Expansion is definitely taxing but the fruits borne are definitely satisfying

4 action tips which will help you be triumphant in life

An entrepreneur knows the actions needed to take in order to be a more successful person

6 ways to become a mentally strong person

For an entrepreneur to keep pushing forward and achieving his goal further needs to be a very mentally tough person.

5 lessons for leaders who are just starting out

An entrepreneur needs to be a great leader to motivate his team and make them work as a single entity towards a common goal

5 things to make sure of before you establish a startup

Here are few things entrepreneurs need to take care of before setting up their startup.

3 important qualities to hike sales results for your startup

All start-ups, companies, brands and services hope to increase sales for higher profits

The new startup mantra: “learn, try, fail, and repeat”

What if Steve Jobs never created Apple? What if Bill Gates decided to keep his Microsoft idea to himself?