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Future of Entrepreneurship and startup culture in India

With the advent of digital technologies and the government's push towards entrepreneurship, India has become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.
startup risk

6 reasons Indians choose not to become entrepreneur

Check out six listed reasons why Indians choose not to become entrepreneurs.

With 123 M&As in 2016, Indian Start-up landscape is inching towards consolidation

The year 2016 has already started with a trend towards consolidation among start-ups with much M&A action in segments like local services, eCommerce along with software-as-a-service (SaaS), and analytics.
story of Ramesh Babu

Read the story of Ramesh Babu, a billionaire barber from Bangalore who drives a...

The story of this ordinary businessman with extraordinary wealth will leave you gaping in surprise.

How female co-founders can be a tremendous asset to any startup

Female co-founders could serve as a tremendous asset for any startup because it brings a diversity of views, experiences and thought processes into the board room.

How ShopClues set up its standard in Indian e-commerce industry

The idea of ShopClues was born at California in March 2011 when Radhika and Sandeep Aggarwal met with Sethi.

Indian startups need a wake-up call: Narendra Gupta

Lack of focus on long-term benefits among founders and funders is hampering the growth of a healthy ecosystem.
Startup ideas for Indian entrepreneurs c

8 Start-up ideas for Indian entrepreneurs

This list consists of some ideas which are bound to do well in the Indian market because of lack of market leaders or depending upon the needs of people with changing times.

TheCityFans: For every t-shirt sold, this start-up donates a t-shirt to a poor kid

For every t-shirt you buy, a t-shirt is donated to a poor kid. It is a one of a kind concept where the buyer is given an opportunity to hand over a t-shirt to one kid of the few million who survives extreme temperatures without any clothing.

Ninjacart: An idea that changed the face of farmers and fresh produce

We connect farmers, manufactures and brands to retailers directly through our lean and connected supply chain.

With its techie idea, this Indian startup offers to provide free wifi in 1000...

Pujashoppe.com offers complete solutions by offering access to religious festivals and pujas all across the country both online and its chain of religious stores keeping in mind the purity and utmost quality in every product and services we offer.

6 reasons why India needs more entrepreneur

India is a country with the third largest number of start-ups in the world. However, we need more entrepreneurs to come forth as the Indian market is constantly evolving and the opportunities need to be tapped.
Indian startup industry

11 Heroes who helped build the Indian startup industry

Although all entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they are established or new, have an equal in the Indian startup scene, here are 11 tech entrepreneurs that could be considered as largely responsible for these winds of change.

FreeCharge story: A journey from Kunal Shah to Snapdeal

FreeCharge founded by Kunal Shah is one of the most popular online mobile recharge sites in India with their tag line- #LoDoKhatamKaro

How Indian startups of today can become successful brands of tomorrow

Branding in India still finds itself in the nascent stage, largely confined to visual identification and communication, despite several incidents proving its importance in the Indian market.

Flipkart journey: How a modest online bookstore became a multibillion-dollar e-commerce platform

Flipkart is among the first batch of India’s biggest startups to have achieved a billion-dollar valuation today. Its success story has inspired many entrepreneurs to start their own startups.

Kishore Biyani, CEO Future Group, reboots for the digital era

As the lines between offline and online retail blur, India's retail king is tweaking his strategy to stay ahead of the competition.
Why do Indian entrepreneurs ignore the Indian-Ness of their customers cover

Why do Indian entrepreneurs ignore the Indian-Ness of their customers?

In India most entrepreneurs and businessman tend to attach themselves to the western aspect of what a startup means – the coolness, the techiness, putting things into place, coding something. They forget that the chole kulche vala is also a startup!

Top 10 Indian Startups and how they took off

Here is a list of top 10 Indian startups that are riding the startup wave, and how they started.

5 Ways the Stand Up India scheme could benefit aspiring women and SC/ST entrepreneurs

The Stand Up India scheme, launched on April 5, ensures that women and SC/ST entrepreneurs have a fair chance at setting up their own businesses.