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Movies for entrepreneurs

20 Must watch movies for all aspiring entrepreneurs

Movies are a great way to learn from others as stories, fiction and non fiction, are taught to the viewer in an easy to understand way. There’s a lot to be learnt from these stories as they show you how exceptional people who have come before you have done it.
Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

10 Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

There are endless reasons for why entrepreneurship is great. Here are ten simple but powerful reasons, in no particular order, why entrepreneurship is so awesome
learning about managing a business

4 Resources for learning about managing a business when starting out

Businesses need as much help as possible in order to survive.
swati chugh 7th heaven

Teacher to Entrepreneur: an inspiring journey of Swati Chugh, director of dessert chain 7th...

Many women opt for conventional careers without realising that they can do wonders in the business world and address its risks, challenges and successes whereas some women believe that being an entrepreneur would be a part of their destiny. Entrepreneurs are born, not made. Such an example is Swati Chugh, the director of 7th Heaven, a popular chain of dessert stores across India.
Utsav somani

Utsav Somani’s microstartup iSeed helps startups in India connect with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

iSeed is named as a bridge between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Indian founders. The Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are those already established entrepreneurs and Indian founders are those who are in search of money as well as expertise and knowledge of startup.
Leadership and Motivation in business

Leadership and Motivation in business: 4 Factors that can be decisive for good leadership

In the business world, leadership and motivation have been subjects that have attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs over the years.
what's holding back your business

Ask yourself these 6 questions and you will find what’s holding back your business

There are many ways to go about discovering where exactly you are going wrong.
Why do startup entrepreneurs need coaching

Why do startup entrepreneurs need coaching?

Leadership is an essential function of management that connects internal and external stakeholders.
startups that succeeded with bootstrapping

Some of the startups that succeeded with bootstrapping

Bootstrapping comes with benefits to both businesses and their founders.
Indian entrepreneurs should consider rural markets

4 reasons Indian entrepreneurs should consider rural markets

72% of India's population actually resides in the rural areas which are why exploring this market is a wonderful idea.
Corporate people turns into food entrepreneurs

Corporate people turns into food entrepreneurs

People who have quit promising careers in the corporate world because they wanted to pursue their passion.
InventureX Crowdfunding

InventureX Crowdfunding: Providing assistance for inventors and entrepreneurs

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and established in 2008, InventureX is an agency that handles marketing and promotion of performance-based crowdfunding.
Social Media Marketing for startups

6 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for startups

There’s much more to social media marketing than it seems and you’ll need a lot of preparation in order to get it right.
Indian women entrepreneurs

7 Indian women entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves

Indian women have broken age old stereotypes and are rocking the entrepreneurial scene.
Story of Sudip Dutta

Story of Sudip Dutta: A labour who built INR 1,600 Cr empire from nothing

It was only the determination and courage of this 16-year-old boy which has today given him a larger than life image.
success of Sarahah_main

What entrepreneurs should learn from success of Sarahah(.com)

Created to take share constructive feedback anonymously, this app had brought out multiple sides of human emotions for us as users.
Parents vs Startups

Parents vs Startups

This is what my parents has to say about my startup.
successful ideas

Some super-successful ideas which were deemed to be stupid at first

Not every revolutionary idea always meets with all praises; some have to face the wrath and be persistent in order to succeed.
Indian startups that shut shop in 2016_main

10 Great places to find a new business idea

Do some research to make sure the idea is legal and feasible, and then visit our step-by-step guide to starting a business.

4 apps which are must have for all mompreneurs

More and more moms are entering the market to start their own companies.