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entrepreneurship myths

7 common myths about entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a career which is gaining popularity worldwide but still isn’t very well understood which is why there are so many myths regarding this career option.
hidden entrepreneur_main

Four signs which show that you have a hidden entrepreneur in you

YASSS!!! I am an entrepreneur.

5 Reasons why you would make an excellent entrepreneur

To help see if you are cut out for the entrepreneurial road, here are five signs you should jump the corporate ship and go out on your own.

7 mindsets an entrepreneur needs to adopt ASAP

It is necessary to remain in the business because suffering a setback isn’t easy and trying to build a company from scratch is definitely not easy.

5 Things only entrepreneurs can truly understand

Any job can give you the opportunity to learn hard lessons and find new ideas about the world, but only through entrepreneurship can you deeply understand these truths.

8 qualities every entrepreneur requires to be successful

To become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to have certain qualities which are a combination of innate and acquired ones without which s/he cannot run a company successfully.
apps every entrepreneur needs to download

8 apps every entrepreneur needs to download

To make your task slightly easier, we have come up with a list of 8 apps which will help you in different areas by taking some workload off you.

3 attributes required to be a successful entrepreneur

By building up certain entrepreneurial abilities, you can guarantee that your future ventures will be successful.