Success story: Nina Lekhi and her struggles to make Baggit reach the pinnacle of success

“When you are passionate about something, you won’t leave”

A firm believer of the statement above, Nina Lekhi is the founder of Baggit and a very successful entrepreneur. She was featured in Fortune Magazine’s list of Most Powerful Women in 2015 and received the Woman Entrepreneur of the year award in the same year. In 1984, when she was merely 18, she got an idea to make bags with attitude which is she worked towards achieving.

Once she started designing bags, she believed that she had it in her to become an entrepreneur. With support from extremely encouraging parents, she decided to become an entrepreneur and sell bags which exuded attitude. She also believes that the challenges she faced were more internal than the ones the external environment forced her to face. Her attitude was one of a winner which inspired her to never quit despite all the failures that she faced in her business initially. As the business progressed, she also learnt that direct interaction with customers helped her gain a lot of insights about the business.

“My greatest achievement is that my design and creativity has led to a large product portfolio and growing business. But this alone would not have been enough. I also have a loving and balanced family life. And I have managed this with a great work-life balance approach.” -Nina Lekhi

She also believes that women can multitask better which is the success of her business. Baggit won the PETA Vegan Fashion Awards 2014 for the Best Brand in Women’s Wallet category.

Currently Baggit has its presence in 61 cities across India with 40 exclusive Baggit outlets and presence in 300 multi brand retail stores.

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