Style Storming: Nandini Goel’s brainchild which is looking to change the face of the Indian apparel industry

Style Storming

Nandini Goel, the founder of Style Storming has always been passionate about the apparel industry. With hands-on experience from her family business which has designed clothes for big brands like Zara, F21 and Massimo Dutti combined with her love for garments, she found her calling. While working with numerous brands, she realised her potential of being able to set up something which would cater to the needs of the market.

Her main aim of setting up Style Storming is that she wants her customers to enjoy an amazing retail experience. Customization, mostly done devoid of extra charges, became her brand’s USP. She has made the efforts of helping out plus-sized women and making small changes like a wider A-lines and long sleeves because it has helped her cater to customer needs better. She also doesn’t believe in bringing down the prices to a level where the quality of the garments suffer.

The coming year will be an exciting one for the brand as it is launching two big collections: the spring and summer collections which together will account for tripling of the current catalogue. After having taken the first two years slow and understanding the market, Goel believes that it is now time to buck up. This means that the brand will be looking forward to a broader outreach and engage with customers in an offline space as well. Goel is also looking to introduce a men’s collection next autumn.

“Over the next few years, I am really looking to penetrating the Indian marketing deeper by using multiple portals to engage with my customers. I will also soon start shipping to a few select countries outside India.” -Nandini Goel

Goel’s vision to create a fast fashion label with a vertically integrated supply chain is a unique one as most Indian brands are well-known for faulty production practices. Her aim to create a high-quality workplace filled with happy workers does seem like ethics and sustainability might co-exist in the future!