Simple ways in which you can change your passion into a pay check

Many a times we get caught in the dilemma of either following our passion or earning money. Mostly, people choose money because it is a basic requirement for sustenance. In the process, they let go of their passion and what they really want to do in life. One shouldn’t give up their passion so easily and try and nurture it in spite of the hardships. Instead, one could follow these ways to encash on their passion:

1. Embrace the inspiration

It is very important to embrace the pangs of inspiration brewing within you. For instance, if you’re interested in photography, a beautiful flower or an old-school bakery is enough to inspire your eye for detail. Instead of fighting your nudges, nourish them and let them grow. Once, you start listening to you inner voice, things become a lot clearer and you’re able to focus better and live in the present instead of brooding over the future.

2. Discover your passion

Sometimes, you need to provoke the child inside you to coax the truth. You need to ask yourself questions like “what really makes you happy”? Once you know the answer to this question, it becomes a little easier to believe in your passion and extract the unfathomable joys from it. As a child, you might have wanted to become a dancer. To revive your passion, you could always start taking dance classes at the nearby gymnasium. This way you are connected with your desires and can fuel them better.

3. Love yourself and believe in your passion

Most of us are stuck in the rut where we believe making money is ultimate and often end up sad because we aren’t making enough money. This kind of thought process will spike your stress levels and hold you from discovering your passion. Instead, learn to love yourself and embrace your talent with its flaws.

If you are a musician working a 9-5 job and hate it, to make things better, you could always start playing an instrument or go back to vocal training. This will make your life more exciting while you do what you love.

4. Write

This might seem a little far-fetched. But, you can take out sometime and maintain a journal or simply write a letter to your future self. Writing is a great way of getting out hidden or repressed thoughts or feelings. Writing will help you to figure out your passion better.

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