Should you quit your day job to launch your startup?

Cul-de-sac startup is an interesting new model that gives us new perspective on the way we think about entrepreneurship and inspires many more people, despite of their age, to begin working on their ideas without to feel that they have to quit their jobs.

“Get there early, stay late and enjoy the ride.” -Peter Lynch

During his TEDxMileHigh Talk, Peter Lynch, who is serial cul-de-sac entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Digital Fridge, introduces to us the main principles of the cul-de-sac model, which are as follows: Get exhausted – do not keep your capacity back; Get sticks – execution is the key to success, you need to start executing with what you have right now; Get to know your neighbors – you have to build strong community; Create longevity; and don’t forget the reason why you are doing all of this.

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