Seven Green business ideas: A new wave of social entrepreneurship

Green business ideas

Let’s face it: More pollution and the exploitation of natural resources have a negative impact on the climatic cycles. It is leading to the systematic dismantling of the environment. The unsustainable lifestyle of the people has added more to this problem.

Fact check: As per a UN report, nearly 98% of the cities with more than 1 lakh inhabitants come under the air quality guidelines of the World Health Organization.

However, many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking forward to developing green ways to save energy consumption and save the environment. For this reason, green business ideas are picking up the pace right now.

Today, even the customers are ready to pay more for green/sustainable products or services. All this helps in making a positive impact on the environment.

Are you the one who wants to change the world by having a business that also makes money? Welcome to the right place. Here we have come up with green ideas to bring a new wave of social entrepreneurship. Without further ado, read ahead and fetch yourself with all the answers.

Ecological disposables – Environmental degradation has seen an increase in recent years. And it is a huge concern, globally. To reduce pollution, ecological or environmentally-friendly disposables are actually a good idea. Your customers can throw away these disposables after using them, and it causes no harm to the environment.

They are pure, biodegradable, decompose faster, and ultimately don’t contribute to any environmental pollution. The world is facing a global climate change emergency, and you can’t afford to pollute the environment at this time. Right? So, tackle the climate changes with ecological disposables.

Dry cleaning and ecological laundry – In this busy world, only a few people have the time to really dry clean their clothes. For this reason, you can start with the dry cleaning services at the street level. And if you use machinery that uses less water (nearly 20% less than the traditional dry cleaning machines) and biodegradable detergents, you are helping the environment.

With the use of sustainable equipment, you can reduce not only the electricity consumption but also your fixed expenses. Therefore starting dry cleaning and ecological laundry services might help you to stand out from the rest.

Organic crops – Organic farming has taken the world by storm. And many small producers are joining the world of organic markets. What you can do here is – you can begin your own cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants, starting with an area of just 5m2. Or you could also start selling grains like wheat, rice, barley, etc.

For this, you will need to store grains in a safer place. So, you can look for small grain bins for sale and make this green idea work. Additionally, you need to know several cultivation methods like hydroponics or gardening. And also gain knowledge of plant nutrition and pest control.

Now, you can sell these grains, vegetables, or plants in the local market or supply centers. Investing at least 20 minutes a day for every square meter you plant can do wonders for you. Also, do not forget to market your products in the end.

Solar panels – Many consumers are moving towards installing solar panels on their homes to save energy and to save the environment. Hence, here comes the next green idea – giving the opportunity to the people to have a solar panel at their homes.

Furthermore, it will mitigate air pollution, slow down climate change, and lower down the consumption of fossil fuel. And who would not like to contribute towards environmental safety?

Green walls – Nowadays, having green walls is a rising new trend. Having green walls means incorporating living nature into the urban environment. It gives a much appealing look to the walls and serves other benefits as well. They come to fulfill various purposes like for indoors, for outdoors, or the varieties are endless. This business requires placing natural plants on the interiors and exterior walls of an office or home, among others. It is worth noting that preparing the walls with a coating is necessary to avoid humidity and the generation of insects.

You will also need to take care of the installation of the hoses for the self-watering of the wall. Ask the customers to keep in check the maintenance of the vertical garden during the first three months. This will ensure them if the plants are growing correctly.

Bicycle repair and refurbishing – Not to mention that the carbon footprint is increasing at a rapid speed. So, it is beneficial for the environment to go on a bicycle to cover short distances instead of driving a two/four-wheeler.

You could be the expert cyclists where people can come to get their bicycles repaired as sometimes bicycles also need a tune-up. Or there is another way round. How about purchasing the older bikes at a reasonable cost and fixing and selling them up at a profit? This green idea will definitely work well for you.

Gas savers – There is no doubt that gasoline and electricity prices will continue to rise in the future. How can you help the citizens facing this issue? You can give them a discount on opting for the facility of the installation of the gas savers. This will allow them to save at least 12-15% on the regular consumption of gasoline.

The equipment for this purpose is installed in hoses or tubes to pass through wiring in less than 10 minutes. Start offering these services to the relatives and then expand your reach to schools and restaurants.

To sum it all up

It is needless to say that going green has immense possibilities in terms of delivering something better to the environment. Moreover, it makes our planet a safer place to live in and caters to the needs of the growing market. You do not want to deteriorate the quality of the environment as it is said by George Holland – “Where the quality of life goes down for the environment, the quality of life goes down for humans.”

So, protect it with all the great business ideas that you can, and you will experience a fresh and green planet.

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