Reasons why money isn’t chaining back entrepreneurs anymore

Today, there are more start-ups cropping up than ever. Entrepreneurs are innovating all kinds of stuff required to simplify existence because starting up a venture is not as difficult as it used to be. With modern developments on the technology and venture capitalism front, entrepreneurs receive a solid boost to own their idea and develop on it.

Flexibility in terms of money is another reason why entrepreneurs able to succeed. Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs don’t consider money as a barrier anymore:

1. Smart investments

Sometimes getting a degree might be roadblock on the path to becoming an entrepreneur as one has to pay off debts and in order to do that, one needs to take up a job.

Another reason people don’t become entrepreneurs is because of lack of liquidity which is absence of capital. But today, it is relatively easier for a young budding entrepreneur to decide to liquidate his finances. One can structure his finances by investing it in the best way possible and reaping benefits when required. This way, while starting out, they don’t have to worry about finding a VC early on and can continue developing on their idea.

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2. Affordable legal and marketing

Earlier the legal processes deterred entrepreneurs from starting up their own business because hiring a lawyer was expensive. However, a budding entrepreneur can currently manage all legalities by himself because of relaxed laws which has proved to be a game changer.

Also, marketing in older days was a pain because it had to be done in an interactive manner. But with the growth of social media and digital marketing, entrepreneurs can now market their ventures using completely organic methods. They can also shell out few bucks and employ inorganic methods to reach their target audience better.

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3. Development of technology

Finding an area to start their business in with skyrocketing rents is not an issue anymore either. Entrepreneurs are embracing the smart phone and using the various applications to coordinate and run their business well. Physical presence for a business is almost unnecessary with Skype allowing you interact with clients, investors via video call in real time. Also, an entrepreneur can use various apps like MobileDay to schedule and conduct meetings without actually being present in a conference room.

Other than convenience, this has reduced start-up costs by a huge margin and the money can be used in marketing or developing the business further.

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