Professional burnout: what it is and how to deal with it?

Burnout is a type of psychological stress. Occupational burnout or job burnout is characterized by exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, feelings of ineffectiveness, and also may have the dimension of frustration or cynicism, and as a result reduced efficacy within the workplace. Occupational burnout is typically and particularly found within human service professions. – Wikipedia

Burnout is common among entrepreneurs as well because it is a demanding job and often caught between working 20 hours a day and worrying about profits, an entrepreneur is bound to feel fatigue and loss of motivation.

There are no fixed reasons as to why a person experiences occupational burnout. Prolonged stress regarding the business could result in a burnout. Fear, Insecurities, nervousness, dejection are some factors which can lead to an occupational burnout. Working too hard and not getting expected results can also lead to burnout.

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The common signs of burnout are:

• Fatigue
• Frustration
• Reduction in efficiency
• Resentful behaviour
• Loss of motivation
• Depression
• Health problems

If a person does nothing about it, it can lead to serious ailments and even psychological disorders which might be dangerous. However, there are methods in which one can deal with job burnout:

Make changes in your lifestyle

It is essential to make some changes in your current lifestyle to battle this problem as the lifestyle you are leading might not be a very healthy one. Eat balanced foods and exercise every alternate day for a healthier body which eventually leads to a healthy mind. Also, make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily because rest is necessary for a person dealing with high levels of stress.

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Take up a hobby

Your work isn’t the end-all of everything. Pursue your old hobby or learn a new one like playing a sport or an instrument to divert your mind. In this way, you’ll take some time off your work and actually start doing things which your enjoy.

Spend time with your family and friends

Talking and going out with you family and friends will rejuvenate you as these people are close to you. Share your woes with the people who you think will understand them. By doing this, you’ll feel lighter and happier than before.

Stress-management courses

There is no shame in admitting that stress is ruining your life and you’re seeking help for the same. These courses will help you manage your time and job better and help you learn tricks to avoid burnout. If classes aren’t your thing, you can seek for individualised support from therapists as well.

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Take up yoga or meditation

Yoga and meditation are age-old proven ways to relieve stress and flush out toxins from your body. All you need to do is meditate for 15 minutes a day and you will observe a difference in your lifestyle. It will also help you focus better.

Delegate tasks

You might be the captain of the ship but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be done or looked after by you. Delegate jobs to the managers who you think can efficiently complete or manage certain tasks. This will take some burden off your shoulders and leave you with more free time for yourself.