Prisma: the app and the trend

Prisma was initially launched as an app on iOS. It was developed by the owner of Prisma labs in Russia, Alexey Moiseenkov. It was launched on the apple store as a free app in June, 2016 and in the next one month, it gained raging popularity and garnered over 7.5 million downloads. On 24 July, a beta version of the app was launched for Android as well and is a raging success all over the world. In Russia and neighbouring countries including India, it is the most downloaded app.

What is it exactly?

Most people believe Prisma is just another editing app like Camera360, PicsArt or BeautyCam. But, this app actually allows you click pictures or select a picture from your gallery and turn the images in works of art.

The image rendering happens in the Prisma labs’ servers and it uses neural network and artificial intelligence to add the artistic effect. The result is delivered back to the user’s phone. The app has almost 30 artistic filters to choose from- Udnie, #GettUrban, Impression, Flame flower, Paper art, Tokyo and Wave being the most popular ones. Moiseenkov has stated that by the end of July, the app will offer 40 filters.

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Prisma has confirmed that it will soon launch Prisma Videos in its app. Moiseenkov published a 360-degree image on Facebook, which offers a glimpse of how Prisma video filters may work in the future.

“Video is an easier way to express yourself,” Moiseenkov said. “It’s dynamic. It’s not just a photo or static picture. It’s really cool that you can create something in motion.”

Why is it so popular?

• Recreates the photo from scratch:

“We do the image fresh,” Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov said in an interview Thursday. “It’s not similar to the Instagram filter where you just layer over. We draw something like a real artist would.”

• Speed

The app is actually fast on iPhone and worked beautifully. All the user needs to do is apply an artistic filter on a picture they can choose from the gallery and if your internet connectivity is good, you get the edited image instantly and don’t need to wait. This promptness is a major reason why Prisma is more popular than other editing apps.

• Variations

The app is a fresh change from the old editing apps with the same filters like Sepia, noir and grayscale. This app actually redraws the image and creates masterpieces which look authentic. The huge variety of filters is a shift from the standard edits.

• Popularity

Your Instagram and Facebook timeline are bound to be flooded with images recreated on this app. The growing popularity and curiosity are major reasons why people are downloading this app.

All’s not good?

Because the app uses artificial intelligence to add the artistic effect and doesn’t simply add a layer of filter, Android users have experienced certain problems with the app. Android users have complained of the following:

• Filters are slow to load

• In some cases, the filters wont load at all

• Because the server reaches its optimum capacity at times, users are asked to wait

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