Popular Times: Google Maps newest feature to show real time venue data

In the past we have all encountered a problem of not being able to get a table at a popular food joint during rush hours on the weekends. However, the newest feature launched by Google Maps will help you solve this problem.

The newest feature on Google Maps known as “Popular Times” will let you know of how busy a place is in real time before you choose to get there. A part of Google Maps will shows a “Live” tag which displays a red overlay on top of the “historic busy period data” which let you how busy a place is at any given time during the week. This is done by using the location data which is availed from the user’s smartphone giving you an estimate of how many people are present in a place at any given time.

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Google Maps feature Popular Times

This feature was added to the app in 2015 with limitations. Back then, it only allowed the user to get data about how busy a place is during different hours of the day and displayed very obvious information.

But, with the availability of the revamped feature, the user is now able to gain instant information about how busy a place is during any time of any day.

“If you’re playing host for the day, you can also check and see how long people typically stay at a given location. That way you can plan your itinerary to the minute”  -Google official blog

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