Pocket Study, the mobile learning app is making education easily accessible to students

Pocket Study app

With the COVID situation seeming to be a never-ending phenomenon, at least until a vaccine is found, virtual education will be the next big thing across the globe. Moreover, e-learning is going to be the next great boon for our industry.

Similarly, Pocket Study a mobile app is here to enhance the e-learning experience and bridging the gap between students and teachers.

What is Pocket Study?

Pocket Study is a Mobile App based teaching-learning platform. Here, teachers can share content in the form of audio flashcards, videos, and learning materials. Students will be able to access the content at any point of time on the go through the app. Along with the materials, there are even virtual classes being held on the platform to make it easier for students, check ccna dumps questions.

Who are the warriors behind this initiative?

Pocket Study has been founded by Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora, and Raj Kothari. All three founders are engineering graduates from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Anand (Gujarat). Before launching Pocket Study, they have successfully launched MyClassCampus- an operating system to help educational institutes go digital.

How is Pocket Study different from other products? What is its unique quotient?

At this point, there are several traditional learning management systems in the market. However, Pocket Study aims to create and share content in the easiest and effective way possible, through mobile apps. It has an interesting audio technology for creating short- revision centric flashcards which are also unique in the e-education industry. Also, there is an interesting interactive virtual classroom module where teachers can take live interactive classes.

Nowadays schools and coaching classes are using video conferencing software for online teaching which are not purely educational institutions centric so ultimately MyClassCampus has tried to develop end to end online teaching tool for every type of educational institutions where teachers can upload content in the form of audio, video, flashcards and teachers can also take live classes. there is no hustle of sharing meeting id and password, even online lecture videos can be recorded and can be shared with students if any has missed the class or lecture.

MyClassCampus – video conferencing software for online teaching

What was the idea behind converting the Pocket Study idea into reality? Were there any challenges?

There were several ideas that came to their minds. However, the three founders wanted to build a platform, which was an easy and accessible one for teachers as well as students, a favourite amongst the education apps. The idea was to bring a platform that becomes the go-to place for quality quick revision centric content.

The founders say,

“We wanted to build something that was an easy source for teachers to be able to create and share content. Building scalable technology with an easy and interesting user interface was the biggest challenge. However, with extreme hard work and the desire to help lakhs of users, we made it possible.”

Are there any challenges being faced at present?

Basically, India has millions of educational organizations. As a small company with a limited marketing budget it becomes very difficult to reach many potential users. At present, the only challenge is to be able to reach more masses and help students across the country.

How did the Pocket Study come into existence?

“While promoting MyClassCampus to educational organizations, we realized that teachers want to share important learning resources with students, but they do not have access to a properly organized platform for doing that. They use Google Drive, WhatsApp, or emails for sharing important content.” Meanwhile, students have access to learning video platforms, etc. but those are lengthy and have a specific standard format. Thus, they do not fulfill the quick revision need.

Thus, to bridge that gap, a platform of this kind was the need of the hour. The work had started before the COVID-19 lockdown. They further say,

“The lockdown during the COVID boosted our confidence and we aggressively worked out and launch the platform in the month of April. To our surprise, within two weeks, we crossed 25,000 users, and more than 3 Lakh weekly app launches.”

Pocket Study has been a boon for students in this lockdown period and hopefully work wonders in the future as well.

Company name: Hexagon Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Product name: 

1. MyClassCampus: All in one ERP Software for School/institute management
2. Pocket Study: A quick learning app

Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myclasscampus.pocketstudy

Website Link: https://pocketstudy.app/product

1. MyClassCampus: https://www.myclasscampus.com
2. Pocket Study: https://pocketstudy.app