Oreo is turning back time to 2011 and MS Dhoni is helping them do so

Oreo Bring Back 2011 MS Dhoni

What if I told you that you could bring time back again? Had I been you, my answer to you would be I don’t have Harry Potter’s Time Turner with me. However, Oreo promises to bring you back to 2011 without any magic and that too with the help of MS Dhoni.

Our very own captain cool MS Dhoni along with Oreo, in the most brilliant sense is bringing back 2011 again. Why you’d ask? Well, his logic is as simple as it can get, India won the cup in 2011, and Oreo launched in 2011.

What Oreo has done here is initiated a campaign where they’re relaunching Oreo again, so that India can win the cup again. India when it comes to cricket is extremely superstitious, Oreo is playing with the same mindset and  has created a masterstroke in terms of a campaign where they’re bringing back the same things that happened in 2011 to 2022.

And the advertisement also has an interesting take wherein MS Dhoni is shown sitting in a press conference, wearing the same hairstyle that he had sported in the year 2011. It is MS Dhoni who explains what the Oreo Bring Back 2011 is all about and since there is a World Cup again this year, he is launching the brand once again.

The video uploaded on YouTube has so far garnered about 52 lakh views. Users are asked to upload their pictures with hairstyles, tees and shoes using the hashtag #BRINGBACK2011 on Instagram tagging Oreo India’s handle.


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What makes the campaign a hit? Well, what wouldn’t? There is the World Cup 2011 mention, there is MS Dhoni and of course there is Oreo.