Office Options: 4 Alternatives to working from home

working from home

Between the kids playing and fighting and the dogs barking, working from home is not always the best option. For many, though, it can seem like the only option. After all, not everyone has the financial means to splurge on executive office space in the business district. Fortunately, there are ways to get out of the house while still keeping costs low. 

Serviced Offices

Paying several bills every month to keep an office can be daunting, which is why serviced office solutions are growing in popularity every year. Rather than having to foot endless bills for internet, power, maintenance, and rent, you can pay one smaller, all-inclusive price. 

All amenities are included in such an office, and you can rent a fully-furnished space on a short-term or long-term basis. Some serviced offices even come with access to boardrooms, event spaces, gyms, dining, and more. 


Whether you need a break from your housemates or a change of scenery, your local library can provide that. Given that libraries are quiet environments, they can be perfect for when you need to escape the chaos of your home to work on a special project. 

Many libraries also offer free WiFi and versatile working spaces for groups and individuals. When you need to take a break, you’re in the perfect place to pick up a book for some light reading. There are over 100,000 libraries in the United States alone, so you’re bound to find one near you. 

Local Parks  

If you’re feeling strung out, under pressure, and unable to focus, then working at your local park may be the best option for you. Studies show that nature can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Take a quick walk through the natural environment to lower activity in your prefrontal cortex, then get to work. This simple activity can reduce rumination and fixation on negative emotions while lowering your blood pressure and calming your fight or flight response. 

It may not seem all that easy to work outside, but it can be. All you need is your laptop, an internet connection (such as your mobile device or a plug-in), and a comfortable table and chair, such as a picnic table. 

Even if you only spend a few hours working in a park, the break away from your home’s four walls will offer a clear mindset to carry you through the rest of the day. 

Coffee Shops

We’ve all seen the movies and maybe even the reality of people working in coffee shops behind laptops. That could be your reality. Most coffee shops have WiFi, comfortable seating areas, and an endless supply of coffee and baked goods to keep you fed and hydrated. 

While it pays to keep a close eye on just how much coffee you are consuming, you can at least enjoy the free working space and vibrant environment. Then, when you need a break, you can grab a tasty sandwich and eat it at your workstation. 

One of the surprising benefits of working in a coffee shop is the sense of being connected with others. Plenty of networking goes on in such environments, which can combat the isolation you may have felt while working from home

Working from your house is the perfect option for many people, but it’s not suitable for everyone. Take a break from the chaos or boredom of your home by opting for somewhere new. Rent a serviced office, visit the library, or even wander down to your local park or coffee shop. With a laptop and motivation, you’re set for success.

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