Making your new office space inviting for both employees and clients

new office space

You and your workers spend at least 8-hours, 5-days a week in the office. The physical environment of your office space is key is to the well-being of your staff, and happy employees lead to higher productivity. Likewise, if your clients feel comfortable in your office, they’re more likely to leave with a good impression of your business.

Clear the Clutter

One of the first things to tackle around the office is clutter; folders and papers left in big piles, messy desks, overflowing trash and out of control computer cables create an impression of chaos. Make sure your office has a way to organize papers and get computer cables under control. You’ll also want to institute a few office policies concerning keeping the office neat and clean. While some employees may balk at first, in the long run, a neat and organized office will make everyone happy.

Add Some Nature

Going natural is another good way to keep your employees happy and keep your clients coming back. Paint the walls in soft, natural colors, and fill the office with plants. A study conducted at Exeter University showed that simply placing a few plants around an otherwise barren office increased worker productivity by 15%. Adding an office aquarium is also a nice way to bring nature into the office. Both your employees and clients will find watching the fish a peaceful, calming experience. An aquarium is also a good emotional focal point for everyone in the office to connect to.

Brighten Things Up

Another thing to consider is your office lighting; natural lighting can also increase worker productivity and well-being. If you can, open the windows and let the sunshine in. In fact, research has shown that those working in a daylight environment reported a 51% drop in eyestrain, 56% less drowsiness and a 63% drop in headaches. If you are looking at executive office space rental, consider the availability of natural light.

More Color

Adding splashes of color can also enliven a work environment. Color can have a big impact on your staff’s emotions. Color can also be used to create an inviting office space for your visitors. Remember, warm colors, such as yellow, red and orange, will enliven the emotions, and cool colors, such as blues and greens, are calming. Shades of purple will give your clients an impression of wealth and opulence, while too much gray conveys a lack of confidence. The smart use of color can make a big difference.

There are a variety of things you can do to improve the atmosphere in your office, and many can be done even on a small budget. A few added accessories can make a major difference, and an overhaul of the room can bring great benefits. Make sure your office is made inviting to everyone who comes for better business and better employee satisfaction.

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