Lessons every entrepreneur can learn from cartoon characters

Cartoons aren’t meant just for kids; they end up teaching us valuable morals and life lessons to cherish. Certain cartoon characters also impart lessons which can prove to be very helpful to an entrepreneur. Here are a few cartoon characters that should inspire every entrepreneur:

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto UzumakiThe orphaned boy grows up to become one of the most respected and feared ninjas in the world. His journey to success wasn’t an easy one. He experienced hardships and pressures all throughout but not once did the thought of giving up cross his mind. He continued to work hard with unparalleled enthusiasm and finally achieved his goal.

2. Bob the Builder

Bob the BuilderThe leader of pack the pack, Bob, who is a constructor by profession, gives us excellent leadership lessons. At times, when his team is under-confident about completing the task, he motivates them (especially Lofty). He also mingles well with his team and is sensitive towards their needs. However, he means business while working and doesn’t ever compromise on that.

3. Peter Pan

Peter PanThe biggest lesson we can learn from Peter Pan is that how he consulted Tinker Bell, his mentor, every time he was in some problem. Tinker Bell advised him and helped him make decisions which show that no one in the world is a know-it-all and sometimes, people require mentors to guide them.

For instance, Warren Buffet claims to credit his knowledge of investment to his mentor, Benjamin Graham.

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4. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the PoohThe cute, fat, yellow bear is definitely one of the most adorable cartoon characters ever but through his greed for honey, he teaches us a very important lesson. One needs to control his debts without which they can land in trouble just like Pooh does in terms of honey. It is good to be ambitious, but, being by greedy and not keeping a tab on the increasing debts, one will definitely land up in a mess.

5. Remy (ratatouille)

Remy (ratatouille)Remy, who is actually a rat but can cook amazing dishes shows us that even the weakest of us is capable of miracles. By befriending an amateur cook who worked under his guidance and directions, he also taught us to be smart and make quick and calculated decisions which can be beneficial. People might tell you that you are too small to achieve the big dream but always remember with hard work and determination; you’ll get there in no time.

6. Dora the explorer

Dora the explorerThe tiny explorer always embarks on her journey with a map and a well chalked out plan. She doesn’t start a journey based on impulse. Similarly, entrepreneurs must have a concrete vision and a well charted business plan before moving ahead with their venture. Not having a solid plan can lead to chaotic situations.


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7. Doraemon

DoraemonDoraemon, the 22nd century cat teaches us that innovative solutions to problems will help you solve them and emerge wiser from the situation. He also teaches us the importance of empathy and friendship as he helps Nobita every time he’s in trouble. Doraemon is also a problem-solver who employs quick thinking and witty solutions to Nobita’s problems.

8. Tom and Jerry

Tom and JerryThe two all time favourite cartoon characters have elaborated on a very important lesson that chasing our competitors endlessly gets you nowhere. By wasting time on foiling your competitors’ tries, you’re forgetting to develop on your own skills which will ultimately prove to be useless in the long run.

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