Integrating programmatic direct mail into the digital marketing funnel

programmatic direct mail

In real-time digital marketing campaigns, programmatic direct mail is the new buzzword. It is a personalized and dynamic direct mail delivered to anonymous visitors of your website through postal hubs. The process relies on real-time analytics to measure conversion data and daily responses for optimizing the results.

Programmatic mails are based on high-level automation that enhances campaign efficiency through a closed-loop system. It is a task-oriented marketing technique that uses tangible goods to engage with potential buyers. If you integrate direct mail into your digital marketing campaigns, it can reduce the load from your sales funnel. Here’s how it can do that:

Choose the Right Recipients

Through programmatic direct mail, digital marketers aim to reach and convert potential customers on their website. It is an ideal approach for brands looking for new methods of interacting with consumers. Using Personalized URLs or PURLs, marketers can measure response rates and create custom audiences for mail retargeting.

When you have massive goals to engage consumers during the shopping season, you can gain their attention effectively by using personalized messaging through direct mail. It connects with the audience who have already expressed their interest in your brand. After determining your target audience, choose a mailing list that delivers the messages to these people.

Repeat the Mails

When using direct mail for retargeting interested online buyers, you can’t rely on single-time mailing. Data states that the response rate to direct mail moves up when you send the second or third mail. However, you needn’t stretch your marketing budget to accomplish this target. Instead, focus on getting better responses by mailing 100 people three times rather than mailing 500 people together.

Resolve the Issues of Digital Marketing

Issues like ad blocking, brand safety, and online frauds impede the conversions in most of the digital marketing campaigns. Such lackluster performance of online ads has led to a resurgence of traditional snail mail.

So, design your programmatic direct mail to remove these pain points and get optimized data-driven results. It has a high-delivery mechanism that creates innovative channels for improving sales.

Estimate the Cost

The postage cost of programmatic direct mailing becomes a component of your overall digital marketing efforts. So, it is wise to make a budget and estimate the mailing costs before initiating the process. The size and design of your printed mail can influence the cost to a great extent.

Explore your options before setting aside a mailing budget. For example, the costs may be different for programmatic catalogs and postcards. You can choose the right medium depending on consumer interactions and behaviors.

Maintain Consistency

Whether you are using digital marketing techniques or programmatic direct mailing, maintain consistency in the campaign offer and calls to action in every material. It implies that each marketing channel should put across the same message to the buyers. Since they’ve already explored the content on your website, they can quickly identify your brand and campaign as soon as they see the offer.

With these best practices for integration of programmatic direct mailing into your digital marketing campaigns, accomplish your overall marketing goals, and get more sales.

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