Instead of Instagramming his concerns, Siddharth Mandala developed an anti rape chappal, Electroslipper

Anti Rape Chappal

Rapes in India have become a common affair and even after the entire Nirbhaya gangrape incident, things haven’t changed. In fact, the latest Hathras incident is proof that women and even little girls aren’t completely safe in India.

There are several of us who do call out against these actions but has anyone of us done anything yet? The answer would be a straight no. However, Siddharth Mandala who in 2015, at the age of 15 decided that enough was enough.

Siddharth’s mother was one of the women who partook the protests and campaigns during the Nirbhaya incident. In fact, he at the age of 12 was also a part of protests alongside his mother.

In 2015, Siddharth started to think of ways to do something that would stop rapes. It was then when he decided to use the Piezoelectric effect which turns mechanical stress into electrical energy. This was his base for a footwear which he named as the Electroslipper. It took him 17 attempts and 2 years to perfect the Electroslipper.

He said that it may be that women forget to carry a pepper spray or a swiss knife, a taser, but no one forgets wearing shoes before leaving from home.

The Electroslipper is battery operated and has a GPS device as well, it will first electrocute the attacker and even send the location of the one wearing it to family members and even the police.