How to kit out your new office for maximum productivity

ideal office set up

Maximum productivity is a priority in every office, but many companies focus their efforts on strategies and automation technologies. Using the right tools is essential, but perfecting the office setup is just as important. When working with a new space, a person has the perfect opportunity to get everything they need for their ideal office set up right from the start.

There is a lot of planning that goes into creating the perfect office space, and many people do not know where to begin. Searching through the various accessories available at can provide a person with substantial inspiration and help get them going. Read on for more information on how to kit out your new office for maximum productivity.

Start with Measurements

The first step in planning an office is to find out how much space is available for use. Without taking measurements first, a person might end up with over-sized furniture and accessories, leading to a crowded office and workspace. Use a tape measurer to find the available floor space and be sure to write the measurements down. Be careful to mark any other corners in the room and pay special attention to things like outlets and the space needed to open a door.

Choose the Right Desk

With the measurements accurately recorded, it is time to find the perfect desk. When making a selection, it is essential to keep the user in mind. For those who will be sitting while they work, finding a desk that sits at the proper height for the arms to rest on top comfortably is critical. Those who prefer a standing desk must find one that can be adjusted to suit their height.

The shape of the desk is another critical consideration when planning an office setup. There is a variety of differently shaped desks available, and what a person considers the ideal desk has a lot to do with their preferences. However, referring back to the room measurements will help guide them on the best option. For example, a circular desk looks modern but is not the most practical option for a tiny space. A rectangular desk is easy to work around and fits perfectly into corners, while a corner desk is an excellent option for those with space, as it gives the user the most surface area with which to work.

Besides shape, industry experts recommend checking into the desk’s additional features. Some desks have organizational and ergonomic options that a person may find vital to their setup. A particularly important one for most people is the ability to adjust the desk’s height. Some desks even adjust enough to allow a person to stand or sit at their desk, providing a maximum level of mobility.

Some other key features to consider are cable organization and floor leveling options. A well-designed work area needs to have a place where the computer, monitor, or other cables can be hidden easily. Some desks come equipped with holes through which the user can snake their cords for minimal visibility and clutter. If a person’s office floor is uneven, they will find a desk with a floor leveling feature especially beneficial, as it keeps their desk from wobbling while in use.

Find the Best Seating

Once a desk is chosen, the next step is to decide on a chair. It is critical to find a chair that allows a person to sit at the ideal height from the floor and supports proper seated posture. It should be comfortable to sit in for an extended period and allow a person to adjust their position periodically.

Features like lumbar support, seat height-adjustability, back tilt mechanisms, and armrests are all crucial things to look for when browsing options. Lumbar support is vital to keep a person from hunching over in their chair, which would lead to back pain and muscle strain. Seat height-adjustability allows a person to position their chair so their legs are at a 90-degree angle to their body, and their feet are flat on the floor, preventing lower back strain. Back tilt mechanisms and armrests help relieve pressure on the spine by allowing them to adjust the position in their seat periodically and effortlessly keep the arms at the correct height.

While function and practicality are the most important, an office never feels quite right without the perfect style. There are a variety of standard rolling chair styles available, including ones with a mesh or upholstered seats and painted or aluminium frames. For a more contemporary look, there are even bene box padded seats with storage that can be used alone or lined up next to each other in a row for a bench-style seating.

Accessories and Storage

With the perfect desk and chair squared away, it is time to focus on storage and accessories. Referring back to the room measurements, a person can quickly see how much more floor space is available when deciding on their storage solutions. There are different types of storage to consider, including cabinets and garment storage. For the most modern and professional look, a person should consider matching their desk, chair, and storage choices.

When choosing desk accessories, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is pen holders. However, there are many more things available to help a person keep their workspace organized. For those who use two monitors, dual swerving monitor arms free up desk space and offer a full range of motion so they can position their monitor at the perfect viewing angle. For those with a lot of wired electronic devices, there are desk-mounting power stations to keep their space free of clutter and attractive.

The Bottom Line

When planning out an office, having all the best equipment from the start allows a business to dive into their work immediately. An organized, aesthetically pleasing workspace improves focus and increases morale. Function and design are key considerations as is the space available for use. Using this guide, a person can be well on their way to creating the most productive work environment possible.

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