Helpmebuild: revolutionising homes

Helpmebuild is a popular platform which helps the user to draw inspiration through written, visual and video content available on the website. This concept of visualising real estate spaces online is relatively new in the Indian markets. By using the right kind of tools, it helps people decide upon their dream spaces. This start-up was founded by Prasoon Shrivastava who was an architect himself and the company has grown leaps and bounds over the past one year. Helpmebuild is currently based out of Gurgaon.

Helpmebuild was founded back in 2015 when the company had started as a simple listing platform and slowly evolved into a content driven website as we know it today. Currently, it is an online based, technology sponsored marketplace which focuses heavily on interior designing and architecture related ideas and solutions. According to the founder, Helpmebuild solves major problems of unavailability and inefficiencies which are present in the design and execution sectors of the country.

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Helpmebuild will prove to be a one stop website which will help people gain knowledge about the design and execution of various projects. The design and building division within the website takes an extra effort to let their clientele take ideas and inspiration available on the platform. The options available in departments of conceptualization and designing their own homes, offices and hotels are what draw users to the website. It has over 30,000 choices for a user to make a decision from.

Currently, it earns revenue through its huge database and integrated solutions business along with providing furniture and home decor options. The presence of multiple vendors and a million solutions have helped it rise to become a strong model.

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