Hello Web: the global web literacy movement you should be aware of

Helloweb movement

With the current Prime Minister trying to bring in digitalisation to the country, we forget to look into more important matters like over 288 million kids who have no idea what the internet is or how it functions. With people advancing more on the virtual front, the bridge between the two groups is increasing further. However, a group of students, branched across different cities of the country have come together to give rise to a global movement called Hello Web to make more children aware of the web and internet literate.

Hello Web is a project which is basically a global web literacy movement. It aims to make the web more understandable, accessible and usable for around 288 million children who are deprived of the largest platform of knowledge in this century. Hello Web has managed to successful reach out over 5,000 children across different cities in India in the past one year. The children of Kolkata, Siliguri, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai have been amongst the first ones to be touched and educated by volunteers of this well-thought of and inspirational movement, which was the need of the hour.

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The torchbearers of the Hello Web movement are also part of the Mozilla Community. Mozilla, a popular browser, is also the largest open source platform for free information sharing and has been a key motivation behind this movement.

Hello Web movement
Arkodyuti Saha working with learners during the Hello Web campaign 2016

“This collaboration is another step for HelloWeb to reach out to 103 more children – that’s 103 more curious minds we can build,” Arkodyuti Saha was quoted saying on Hello Web’s recent collaboration with the Bagheera Project to help the rag picking community in Bhagar, Howrah.

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