Great management lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Ramayana

lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Ramayana c

Ramayana is an epic written by Valmiki which symbolises many things like values, virtues, the triumph of good over evil, etc. However, when viewed in an alternate light, the epic saga also has a few management lessons which every entrepreneur can learn in order to prosper in the field of business:

i. Over commitment is never okay

Dashrath over-committed to his wife Kaikei which led to a lot of problems later and was dangerous later. This can prove to be a great lesson to entrepreneurs as they learn that it is better to promise less and deliver more instead of the opposite as your credibility is at stake here.

ii. Build your team smartly

When Ram had to cross the sea to reach Lanka, it was important for him to build a team that consisted of dedicated and loyal members. Similarly, if one wants to prosper in the professional sphere, it is important to be able to find people who will share your vision in order to succeed as a company.

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iii. Be an able decision maker

Just like Hanuman was burdened with the task of taking a decision when he couldn’t find Sanjeevani on a mountain, every entrepreneur is bombarded with choices and hard decisions that need to be made without consulting anyone. Hanuman decided to carry the whole mountain which might not be the best decision but seemed like the most feasible one to him.

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iv. Making sacrifices

A person has to make many sacrifices in order to succeed in the entrepreneurial field as one has to work long hours and let go of a personal life. Unless you are willing to let go of certain things, you can never make it big. The best lesson of sacrifice you can take from Ramayana is from Sita who sacrificed the comfort of a home and luxuries of a queen to accompany her husband to the forest.

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v. Get rid of the ego

Raavan was an able soldier and a great man in various aspects; however, what led to his downfall was his ego which he couldn’t curb. Similarly, a lot of entrepreneurs fail because their ego comes in the way and overshadows all the good things they have achieved. In order to be a good entrepreneur, put your ego aside and let your work do the talking.

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