From leaving home at 15 to starting Ruban Accessories, Chinu Kala’s story is all about winning battles

Chinu Kala

If you are one of those who think life is too unfair and everything is getting difficult by the day, you need to hear the story of Chinu Kala. It was at the mere age of 15 that Chinu decided to leave home after she had an argument which turned out to be a very heated one. She was at the Mumbai station with just Rs. 300 in her pocket.

Being as young as 15, she was noticed by a lady who asked her to go home. However, when Kala explained that it wasn’t an option, the lady helped with an address where she would get a job and also a dormitory where she could get a place to stay for Rs. 25 a day.

She then became a salesgirl and faced challenges since it isn’t ever easy to be a door to door salesperson without most people choosing to not entertain such sellers. Along with that job, Kala also worked part-time as a receptionist, a makeup artist, tele caller, and even an emcee.

In 2004, Chinu got married and after a bit of a nudge from both her husband and friends, she entered the Gladrags Mrs. India contest. While she did not win the pageant, she understood how important accessories were in a woman’s life.

She gathered all her savings and launched her own accessories brand called Ruban Accessories. Her sales background helped her climb those stairs of success without too much difficulty. Now, Ruban Accessories sells jewelry right from Rs. 200 to Rs. 10000, and is sold online and at a retail outlet in Kochi.

To all those people who think that they cannot make it big, Chinu’s story of being a rebel and taking control of her life will definitely inspire you.