Four ways to earn extra money during the holidays

Four ways to earn extra money during the holidays

The holidays are a time for giving, but they’re also a time for spending. Holiday sales are aplenty in every shop and mall. You probably have to buy your loved ones, especially the kids, presents. You’ll need to buy outfits and food for the many parties you’ll be attending this season.

With so much spending to do and the cash flow only going toward that direction, you’ll eventually be forced to dip into your savings. That’s why you’ll need to earn some extra cash too. Here are some suggestions.

Have A Garage Sale

Sell your clothes online or at a garage sale. You can make an inventory of things you still need and items you can sell. The ones you will sell should be in properly labeled boxes.

Do a lot of research so you know how much your items are valued originally and you can price them correctly. Be ready for some haggling, though. Your potential customers will want to get the best deals.

Garage sales help you earn some extra cash, but at the same time, they help keep your home clean because you can get rid of unwanted clutter. During the holidays, you may get new stuff in the form of gifts, so it’s also important to free up some space at home.

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Cook Food

The holidays are a perfect season for experimenting in the kitchen and whipping up wicked treats for the guests and the family. Cooking enthusiasts can sell their own creations or the usual holiday food fare. Fans of baking can sell cookies, cakes, and pastries for those with the sweet tooth.

You have the cost of ingredients and labor, the use of equipment, and the electricity bills to consider, so make sure you calculate those during pricing. You don’t want to end up spending more than what you’re getting as a return of investment.

Write Hand-Lettered Cards And Ornaments

Take out your nibs, pens, and ink sets. The artsy types can let their imagination and creativity go loose with various hand-lettering styles to write greeting cards and add a twist to the holiday decorations.

These days, hand-lettered items are becoming more popular, and you can see the attention that artists devote to creating a detailed work of art. You can go for a note that’s short and sweet or a framed ornament that’s sentimental and ornate. Add colors for more visual impact.

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Create Your Own Decorations

Spend a minimal amount of money by looking around your house for items you can re-purpose as ornaments. There are a lot of blogs out there that can give you ideas for the perfect DIY holiday decor, so you shouldn’t have a hard time coming up with products to sell.

Wrapping Up

The holidays are a season of giving and spending, but they are also a good time for saving money. If you’re resourceful enough to find alternative sources of income, you can get back some of your savings.