Four tips to keep in mind while hiring candidates for your start-up

hiring candidates for your start-up

Hiring the right candidate for your start-up is an art because you need someone who fits into the work culture and can deliver what your actually want. You also want to hire someone who will be loyal to the company and help in making your end-goal a success.

Here are four tips to keep in mind while hiring candidates for your start-up:

Paint a picture of your ideal candidate in mind

It is necessary to paint a picture of the ideal candidate in your mind because then you are aware of the qualities and strengths you are looking for in a person. Based on that criterion, it becomes very easy to eliminate or select candidates. Always make sure that the personality of the candidate resonates with that of your company for a suitable match. This makes the interview process more organised.

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Use the newer methods of hiring

Move away from the conventional job ad posting and referrals offline and start exploring newer medium of hiring people. Pages on Facebook and websites which allow companies to hire people are very good talent pools for finding the correct kind of person for your organisation. LinkedIn is another popular and brilliant option for finding the right kind of people for the position.

Stress interviews

Stress interviews are a great way to see how the candidate cracks or emerges under pressure because during the job, s/he will have to face some stress and it is necessary to hire someone who doesn’t give up. Also, because stress interviews are different from normal interviews, people usually reveal a lot more about themselves than they intend to which makes your decision simpler.

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Think about the future

Other than just filling up a position, you also need to think of how the employee can contribute to the company’s future. An employee is a crucial investment which needs to be thought of and done properly in order to avoid issues in future. You also need to make sure that you have enough opportunities to keep the employee engaged.

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