Everything You Should Know About Starting A Day Care Centre

Starting A Day Care Centre

In the past, a significant percentage of working parents have had to drop out of the workforce because they don’t have anyone to help them look after their children. Daycare centres have helped parents return to work knowing their children are well taken care of. Research reveals that a whopping 25% of children under five years old go to daycare, meaning that the daycare business is quite promising. However, you need to know a couple of things before you can handle other people’s children. In this article, we will discuss everything you should know about starting a daycare centre.

Formulate a business plan

A written business plan acts as a road map for your small business and helps you get back on track anytime you lose your way or become demoralized. Ensure you outline your tangible goals, mission statement, how you plan to fund your daycare, and your staffing plans. You should also include the services you intend to offer once you start your daycare.

Have an understanding of early childhood development

While it is not mandatory to take a course on early childhood development, it would help to know how best to support and care for young lives. A degree in early childhood development will help you understand how children think and respond in different situations. Understanding early childhood development would also give you a competitive edge and show your target audience you have more to offer.

Select a suitable location

It would be best to search online or find a suitable location in your area that can host your daycare centre for a monthly fee. A more straightforward option would be to host the daycare from your home. Once you have settled on a suitable location, ensure it is compliant with your state’s licensing guidelines and zoning laws.

Designate an area for playing

Play is an integral part of a child’s development and helps them improve cognitive, emotional, and social skills. As you plan to start your daycare centre, ensure you set aside an area where they can play and decompress. Your choice of commercial playground equipment and toys will depend on the available space and your budget. It would be best to choose sustainable playground equipment rather than traditional steel equipment.

Consider taking loans and grants

There are various costs associated with starting a daycare centre. For instance, you will need to budget for toys, art supplies, cleaning supplies, food, utensils and rent a suitable space. Starting a daycare will be pretty challenging if you can’t afford to cater to the startup costs yourself. However, you could consider looking into grants, community fundraising, or taking an SBA loan.

Wrapping up

Plenty of daycare owners have confirmed that working with children can be quite rewarding, not to mention the additional income you will receive. If you have a young child, you could also take care of them while running your daycare facility. Before you consider starting a daycare, ensure you jot down a list of unique reasons that will motivate you to keep pushing even during the tough times. If you cannot run the facility by yourself, ensure you set clear policies before you hire staff.

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