Ask yourself these 6 questions and you will find what’s holding back your business

what's holding back your business

Running a business is no small feat, but when you feel like your business isn’t living up to its full potential, something has to change. There are many ways to go about discovering where exactly you are going wrong or how to turn things around, like help from JM Reid Group, but asking yourself these questions will help you find what’s holding back your business from higher heights.

1. Are you comparing yourself to the right people?

It is very helpful to compare your business to other similar business when it comes to analytics and market research. But it is not fair to your business to compare to more established companies that have already gone through the weeds, complications, doubts, failed marketing campaigns and more. When you measure your business against one that is truly not your contemporary, you are destined to come up short. They have had more time to make adjustments and improvements you probably never knew about.

2. Do you expect instant results?

When you implement changes it helps to be patient. Most adjustments you make to your business will not bring about instant results. If you lack the patience for good things to come to fruition, you will experience avoidable frustration and stress. Giving your business the time and space to expand and excel is a must in taking your business to the next level.

3. Are you flexible?

When things don’t pan out how you hoped they would, it helps to have a contingency plan. Being flexible allows you to adapt to the market conditions and to take corrective measures. Having a plan is great, but it’s not always a good idea to stick to it no matter what. Bend a little and see where it takes you. You may be surprised by the results.

4. Are you alone?

It is one thing to be the only employee in your business, but knowing when and who to ask for help is essential to the growth of your business. And if you are not the only one handling the workload, you have to trust your team to play their roles. Keeping others on the outside increases your stress. Not to mention, spreading yourself thin keeps you from putting as much effort as you could be putting into what you’re doing.

5. Do you take action?

Having well crafted plans and awesome ideas don’t count for too much if you never take action. All the meetings, criticisms and visualizations won’t make any difference to your business if you don’t make them a reality. If it doesn’t work out, then you adjust as needed.

6. Do you know when to let go?

Knowing when to let go of an idea, project or client is more important than you might think. When you’ve been patient and flexible and it’s still not right, it might be better to wash your hands and and let go.

Don’t stand in the way of your success. Think critically and rationally about the direction you want your business to go. And when you’ve realistically assessed your situation, make a plan of action and hit the ground running. You can find success.