Arun Kharat’s journey from a two room Chawl to an annual turnover of Rs.140 crore is inspiring

Arun Kharat

Starting his career from a two-room chawl in Khadki, Pune, Arun, who now works from a posh locality at Koregaon Park, has come a long way facing all the difficulties and hardships.

Being born in a lower-middle class Maharashtrian family, he always dreamt of getting into entrepreneurship. His father retired as a civilian Health Superintendent. Arun was not a bright student, so after completing his 10th std, he started loitering around his uncle’s footwear shop.

On the other hand, his brother ended up becoming a doctor. Arun’s family pressurized him to not quit his studies and thereby, he was pushed into engineering. After its completion, he took a couple of jobs but realized that it wouldn’t pay him enough and so he ventured into business by setting up an STD booth for selling tickets for a private bus company. Within a few years, his confidence boosted and he stepped his shoes into car rentals and started buying cars, building his own fleet.

Arun’s Wings Travels did not stop there but instead kept adding on attractive features and also helped socially. They trained around 300 people from the LGBTQ community for driving private taxis. They have now collaborated with the Humsafar Trust and are now working towards providing opportunities for the people who have been looked down on by society.

Another feature added by them brings a feeling of safety to its passengers. Their cabs come with an SOS feature which gets activated when a passenger screams or panics. If it looks like the passenger is in trouble, the staff dispatches other cabs nearby to aid them.

Today, Arun achieves a yearly turnover of 140 cr, the boy who has been building his dream outside the footwear shop, has now made it to his dream.

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