Amazing Ways To Get Through An Exhausting Workday

Get Through An Exhausting Workday

It is the d-day, you have a presentation to give and attend meetings with important clients, but your mind and body are too exhausted to do any of it. We all have been through such days at work. It can be hard to get through such hectic days with a tired body and mind.

Sometimes you can have the luxury to call it a day off at work, but other days you have to go through the workday. Such hectic workdays can put you under a lot of stress and pressure. Getting by those days feels like a victory to many. You may face difficulty in doing even menial work.

Although, you can do many things listed here to cope up and get through with an exhausting workday.

Dealing With Stress & Pain

Sometimes the cause of the inability to work and exhaustion is underlying pain. According to Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, approximately fifteen percent of the working adult population reported having pain daily or most days. Severe or chronic pain can degrade your productivity and impact your performance at work.

Back pain and headache can also cause fatigue and exhaustion and even slow you down while working. Pain management is essential to have a productive day.

Recently, many people have started using kratom to manage pain and stress. Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Alkaloids and chemical compounds in the kratom leaves stimulate receptors that help in managing pain and stress. Kratom herbs can help to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue and improve sleep quality.

You can use kratom to manage stress and pain in the workplace. Kratom comes in various forms such as tea, capsules, etc. Do not consume kratom in high doses at the workplace to avoid any side effects such as dizziness, nausea, etc. Using kratom can help boost your energy to deal with exhaustion. However, you can find more info here on tackling fatigue and lethargy on a hectic day.

Avoid Overdosing On Caffeine

We jump to a cup of coffee whenever we feel sleepy or tired. However, caffeine intake should be within the limit. Overdosing on caffeine has several negative impacts on your body and health. You must avoid depending on caffeine for energy.

Consuming caffeine more than the recommended amount regularly can cause health problems such as irregular heartbeat and seizures. You can get yourself dehydrated with too much caffeine and may feel even more tired. Difficulty in concentration and headache is also among the side-effects of too much caffeine. A headache can make your workday harder, so keep a tab on your coffee intake to have a productive day.

Short Breaks In Between

Get Through An Exhausting WorkdaySitting on a desk for straight 8-9 hours is not easy when you are already feeling exhausted. Taking short breaks in between will help you in getting through the day. Go out in the fresh air if you can to refresh your mind. Chatting with a colleague about something other than work will also lighten up your mood. Walking around the office and stretching will also relieve any accumulated muscle tension. Order a salad bowl on the lunch break to replenish yourself with some energy.

Do Work That Interests You

Get Through An Exhausting WorkdayIf your energy level is low and you are stuck in tedious and repetitive work, most likely, you will doze off to sleep. On such days, if you have the freedom to prioritize your work, try doing work that interests you rather than consuming yourself in tasks that may put you to sleep on a regular day.

Choose any project or work which you find interesting and may require more interaction with your colleagues. You will find yourself a lot more productive with interesting projects than with mundane and dull work. Having a positive attitude and the right mindset is essential to manage stress. Taking deep breaths in between will also keep you calm and focused on your work even when you are tired.

Maintain Water Intake

Get Through An Exhausting WorkdayIt is essential to keep yourself away from dehydration. Make sure that you maintain water intake to overcome lethargy and fatigue. Drink cold water above room temperature for a refreshing lift. Cleaning your face with cold water in between can also help. You can treat yourself to ice cream too.

Get a Good Night Sleep

There is nothing compared to a good night’s sleep after an exhausting workday. Avoid overworking yourself after work and clear your schedule in the night to pamper yourself with your favorite food and a good night’s sleep. Prioritize your health and give your body some rest in the night to feel energetic in the morning.


Feeling stressed on a chaotic workday is natural. Allow yourself to relax whenever you feel any stress and anxiety. Keeping a relaxed mind will help you in doing every task effectively that comes your way. Consuming well-balanced nutritious food and some exercise at the start of the day will keep you energetic throughout the day. Your health is as important as your work, so don’t overtire yourself with work. Maintain a balance between your work and health and take a day off sometimes.