Affordable Marketing Strategies for Your New Start-Up

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Running a business from its start till it gains root isn’t an easy encounter. It requires planning, determination, and learning. One area that most business starters underscore is failing to establish proper marketing strategies. Even after coming with a great business plan, you need to put strategies that will help build your new business and increase its market visibility. Luckily, there are inexpensive strategies you can use to reach out to your intended customers. That’s said, if you are thinking of starting a business, you can always use the following affordable marketing strategies for prosperity:

Establish a Referral Program

Establishing a referral program is one of the best and affordable marketing strategies new startups can use. Through the programs, you allow your customers to do the marketing for you. Depending on your proposed referral structure, you can give your current customers discounts or rewards each time they refer a new customer to your business. When one is referred to your business, the chances of them bringing other new referrals is high. However, for the circle to continue, make sure you provide high-quality and competitive products/services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the present digital world, many people are searching for information online. If you have a business website, it becomes more meaningful to invest in small business SEO services to increase its visibility on search pages. The key secret towards optimizing your website is identifying and using relevant keywords that are attractive to your audience. Also, you need to create high-quality and unique business content that will easily attract backlinks to your domain.

Social Media Marketing

You cannot mention low-budget marketing ideas for startup businesses without mentioning social media. Of late, social media has turned out to be an effective marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. Millions of people are gaining access to Facebook apps, linked in, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Creating business pages across all these platforms requires no cost. Better yet, you can use the pages to engage your audiences by posting relevant, creative, and interesting content.

Offline Promotions

Digital marketing is good. But sometimes, you may find it incontinence for your business promotion. In that case, switching to offline promotions can be viable. According to sales experts, traditional marketing isn’t obsolete. Instead, it should come in where digital marketing isn’t effective or expensive. There are plenty of offline promotion options available. For instance, you can create a magazine ad, commercial billboards, and business cards/brochures or send direct postal cards. Mixing all the offline marketing strategies will help you reach your customers in an affordable manner.


As a business startup, you need to invest in simple and affordable marketing strategies, as mentioned above. However, before implementing the strategies, it’s advisable that you first understand your target audience. This will help you apply the most suitable and efficient marketing strategy.