A Few Upkeeping Needs Your Office May Have

clean workplace

The office might be a busy workplace, but unfortunately the work doesn’t stop after hours. If you work in an office setting, you know that while the task of cleaning may fall on different people at different times, it’s always someone’s responsibility to keep things clean and tidy. Every company is different, but with how often you have to go through the motions of keeping your office clean, you might think some of these rules and tips are dropped in many places. Here are a few things your office might need to keep things clean and tidy.

Septic Tank System

The septic tank system is usually a pipe that runs beneath your office building or business property. This system deposits sewage into a big underground tank until it needs to be emptied. If your business has a septic tank system on its property, this should be emptied every three months by a professional septic pumping company. Make sure to schedule an appointment with the septic service before it becomes an emergency. In some cases, you can find a company like Madden Septic, which offers a septic tank system maintenance and septic pumping service that will save you money and time while keeping your property in great shape.

Spot Treatment

If you catch a problem like mildew before it gets out of control, the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get rid of it is to use a spot treatment. Make sure you understand what material you’re trying to clean first, as some carpets or surfaces require special treatment.  However, for many spots, you can just spray the area with a solution of bleach and water until all evidence of mildew is gone, then let it air dry. Simple and effective. This can also work for mold and any other types of stains you might come across.

Appliance maintenance

Depending on your office setting, this may or may not apply to your company.  However, many businesses are increasingly likely to have food catered/served to their employees throughout the day, and therefore implement a kitchenette or mess area.  In some cases, unless your janitorial staff is instructed specifically to take care of these areas, you may need to take the time to do some general cleaning yourself.  Make sure that the microwave, coffee pot, toaster, and any other commonly used appliances are regularly cleaned and sanitized, especially if they see frequent use.

Computer Maintenance

While somewhat less consistent, it can be very important to regularly inspect the hardware your company is using. Making sure that there’s no consistent dust buildup or pockets of other materials that find their way into a machine can be lifesaving for your computer. Occasionally such inspections can also show you places you can upgrade your equipment or try new suppliers.  It’s also very helpful to ask the employees who use this equipment if they’ve noticed any changes over time or if anything is drastically different, such as a fan not blowing properly and making a new noise.  Reactively replacing equipment that fails is rarely as effective as consistently maintaining equipment to work properly

These are just a few things you’ll need to help you keep your office up to snuff and running smoothly. Make sure your entire office is free of clutter and messes, so you can always work as efficiently and effectively as possible.