A Better Boss from Day 1: 5 Tips for first-time business owners

business owners

Starting your own business is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. It’s easy to get swept up in anxiety and let worry take over. But your mindset should stay focused and centered. The more balanced you are, the more flexible you’ll remain, and being open and receptive to change is everything for a successful entrepreneur. As you embark on this exciting next chapter of your career, here are five tips to help you be the best boss to your new employees.

Lead by Example

You have standards for those who work for you, and you should live up to them. Show up on time, be respectful, always be honest, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want one of your own employees to do. The karmic nature of leadership is far less mystical than psychological. People emulate what they aspire to be, so showing up as the best version of yourself every day is the strongest way to motivate others without needing to say a word.

Invest in Your Professional Development

Being a good boss and cultivating leadership skills takes time and effort. Even those who are born with a natural talent for guiding others don’t become a top-tier boss without plenty of experience. Attend an entrepreneur summit, networking events, and workshops in your area to continually grow and become an even better boss.

Keep Communication Open

An open-door policy shows your employees that you consider them equals regardless of your different roles within the company. A business can’t thrive when its employees are in competition with one another or feel afraid to voice their opinions.

In the early days of a business, it’s crucial that there is an all-hands-on-deck sense of camaraderie. You’ll need your employees’ feedback to help identify weaknesses and potential problems, develop solutions and implement strategies while minimizing loss.

Observe and Respond

Pay attention to how your employees perform and give them genuine feedback. But don’t assume an intimidating position of authority that makes them feel judged and scrutinized. Instead, work alongside them whenever you can, getting to know their personalities and unique approach to their job.

Match every criticism with a compliment, and strive to find more of the latter. A positive attitude inspires people and helps them build upon their strengths. It also makes it easier to accept negative feedback and see it as a chance to learn and grow.

Develop a Unique Hiring Process

Your company’s hiring process is the best way to ensure you bring on candidates who are not only qualified for the job but also compatible with you and your existing team. Chemistry is a real thing, and you can’t hire people based on criteria alone. You have to get a feel for who they are, how they communicate and whether they are able to help bring your business’s vision to life while shaping its culture.

While it may not seem like something you need to focus a great deal on, professional development has far-reaching effects in your personal life, too. Good leadership skills include communication, empathy, and self-discipline. The qualities you cultivate on your journey will equip you to become a more well-rounded, thoughtful, and capable human being in and outside of the workplace.