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Steve jobs marketing lessons

Marketing lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs transformed Apple from a regular tech company into the biggest brand in the world.

5 Rules of product design from Steve Jobs

The Apple founder, Steve Jobs, was a master of creating products that functioned beautifully-and looked even better.

17 Inspiring quotes by Steve Jobs every entrepreneur should live by

According to most modern entrepreneurs and management gurus, Steve Jobs was the perfect entrepreneur. Here are a few quotes by him every entrepreneur should live by.

How Steve Jobs Started – The Life Of Apple’s Founder

Follow Steve Job's life path to see how he learned to create and think like a genius.

3 Gems of Lessons on Innovation from Steve Jobs

How was he able to turn 4 businesses into mega successes in 1 lifetime when most people can’t convert 1?

The new startup mantra: “learn, try, fail, and repeat”

What if Steve Jobs never created Apple? What if Bill Gates decided to keep his Microsoft idea to himself?

The top 10 quotes every entrepreneur should live by

Here are the top 10 quotes every entrepreneur should live by. Learn from Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Ted Turner, Anita Roddick, Chris Gardner, Donald Trump, Isadore Sharp, and Trip Hawkins.
startup business tips and strategies

Great startup business tips and strategies for launching a new brand

Taking a look at some of the top strategies and startup business tips for new entrepreneurs.
How Elon Musk Started

How Elon Musk Started – The Life Of SpaceX and Tesla’s Founder

Elon Musk is now Earth’s most future-oriented person. How did such a person come to be?
running a small business

3 Ways to get your small business running like a fortune 500 company

It is not a smooth transition from working out of your home office to owning an office building.
entrepreneurship myths

7 common myths about entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a career which is gaining popularity worldwide but still isn’t very well understood which is why there are so many myths regarding this career option.
motivational quotes for entrepreneurs

20 motivational quotes that’ll help an entrepreneur to live through setbacks

Here is a list of quotes that are bound to inspire you even during the darkest days.
Bill Gates Quotes

12 quotes by the Microsoft founder which makes him the one entrepreneur you should...

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is probably the smartest entrepreneur ever.
Mindfulness hacks for entrepreneurs c

7 Mindfulness hacks for entrepreneurs to build a successful business

Mindfulness provides the clarity of thought, creative ideas and higher awareness required to make better decisions.

Inspirational story of Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys

Often referred to as the father of Indian IT sector, the man is known to be amongst those who need no introduction, and their work speaks for them!
successful Indian college dropout entrepreneurs

These 13 successful Indian college dropout entrepreneurs prove that college is not necessary for...

We came up with a list of college dropouts turned entrepreneurs from the Indian startup ecosystem who have taken the country by storm.
Financial tips for entrepreneurs

Financial tips for entrepreneurs launching a startup

You need to build a solid financial plan that will help you boost your cash flow and manage your available resources wisely.

10 quotes by JRD Tata to inspire the entrepreneur in you

It only makes sense for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from a man who dared to challenge the norms and build a cult in the field of business.
Billionaires who started out dirt poor

Rags-To-Riches Stories: 17 Billionaires who started out dirt poor

When in need of inspiration from real life rags-to-riches tales, look to these billionaires.

15 inspirational quotes every entrepreneur must abide by

An entrepreneur often seeks advice and who better than the most influential entrepreneurs who have lived it all.