8 freelance skills which are in high demand

With the growth of virtual options, freelancing has become a common option for people who do not want to confined to an office space or prefer working from home. Growth of websites like freelancer.com and odesk.com have also lead to the growth of the number of freelancers in the country.

Here are some skills which are in high demand in the Indian market:

I. Photography

Not everyone with a camera is a photographer, however, if you believe you can take amazing photographs and edit them, you can find yourself great high-paying assignments. Start-ups and companies are constantly looking for amateur but talented photographers for product photography, covering weddings and events.
The pay scale ranges as per your experience and talent.

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II. Lead generation

Because big brands are constantly coming out with new products to sustain in the market and are preoccupied with other work, they outsource the job of lead generation to freelancers. If you can prospect and qualify people as leads via social media and e-mail, this is a great money-making option for you.

III. Video editing

The visual medium has grown leaps and bounds over time and videos are a powerful medium of story-telling. Companies are often looking for editors to stitch raw images and stock footage to make a compelling video. The video editor is also supposed to rectify errors is the video.

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IV. Content writer

If words have always been your forte, why not make some extra income by using it to your benefit? Companies often need bloggers and writers for their webpage and since it is expensive to hire one on payroll, they turn to freelancers. Freelance writing is a very popular field and pays well if you have some prior experience.

V. Virtual assistant

Top managers and CEOs are always busy and are now outsourcing the duties of an assistant to freelancers. If you have internet connection, you can sit in remotest corners and earn a quick buck by replying to their mails, scheduling meetings and accepting or declining meetings.

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VI. Graphic designing

If you have learnt Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator and can create kickass vector images, this job is perfect for you. Almost all start-ups and companies require designs for brochures, social media posts and logos. Graphic designing is one skill which lets you improvise and helps you earn really well.

VII. App development

This freelancing job requires skills such as understanding of UI/UX interface and coding as you need to build the backend of an app. But, it has immense potential since almost all brands, companies, websites etc have apps of their own. Majority of e-commerce transactions happen via apps so you can imagine the kind of demand that exists.

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Again because the visual media is so popular, people who can simulate and animate are in demand. If you can animate 2D and 3D designs well, this is your calling. This is a skill which needs to be learnt and with practice, a person gets better at it.