8 beneficial social media marketing tools every company should use

Social media marketing is an important form of marketing for all ventures today as the audiences on social media are growing and sharing content on the platforms is a good way to make people aware about products and services. Social media marketing allows a marketer to target his audience and keep them engaged for a long time. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc have proved to be the best to promote products or services.

Here are 8 social media tools a marketer could use:

1. PostPlanner

PostPlanner is an app built in Facebook which allows free flow of your strategy without hindrances. It offers a dashboard which allows you to manage and increase the value of your Facebook page or group. PostPlanner also gives you a list of status ideas, access to the most viral posts on Facebook and insights on trending content based on your industry.

2. Followerwonk

Through this brilliant tool, you can find analyse the growth of your followers on Twitter. Along with that, it gives you a fair idea of your follower demographics for more comprehensive understanding and lets you know what time they’re online at so that you can tweet accordingly. Also, if most of your followers are online at one time, you get an idea of when to engage them in a discussion with the use of this tool.

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3. Inforgr.am

This tool allows to make simple yet very professional and great-looking charts or graphs of various infographics. The free version of this tool allows to you to choose from various designs and embed the infographics onto your website. To down the infographic, you need to use the paid version.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a very handy and cool tool which all social media marketer need to know about and use. This tool gives you all the information about “most shared content and the key influencers” on social media. There’s a free and a paid version of this tool. The paid version allows you to export data and access domain reports.

5. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is a very important and handy social media tool which allows marketers to shorten URLs. They can take a long URL and shorten it into something remembrable and more feasible for platforms like Twitter which allow 140 characters. Also, Bit.ly allows you to see how many times the link has actually been clicked on and from which network platform.

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6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a useful tool on instagram which helps the marketer to analyse the followers’ statistics. Through this tool, they can learn about the followers’ engagement as well as track lost and new followers on Instagram.

7. Tagboard

Hashtags are a huge phenomenon on social media currently. Tagboard is a hashtag-based search engine that lets you monitor mentions and related content on all platforms. If you have a custom hashtag for your venture, all you need to do is register it on Tagboard and add a description. When anyone uses Tagboard to search your hashtag, your description and image will pop up immediately.

8. BulkBuffer

BulkBuffer is a brilliant tool one needs to know to use if they’re uploading content in bulk on the platforms as it allows you to upload a huge load of content without any hassle. For weekly schedules or videos to be uploaded with minimal ease, BulkBuffer is the way to go.

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9. PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall is a simple, end-to-end solution for social media marketers that helps them promote their brand effortlessly, efficiently and affordably by creating eye-catching social media graphics using its free online editor in minutes. Not just that, you can repurpose your social media graphics by resizing each design into as many different sizes as needed in a single click with the free Resize button. Once all your content is ready, you can directly publish your designs to your Facebook or Twitter pages without even leaving the platform, or even better, upgrade to the Premium plan and schedule all your posts at once. 

Image credit: sellorelse.ogilvy.com