74-year-old Madan Lal Bairwa from Rajasthan, donated his blood over 130 times

blood donation

Madan Lal Bairwa has been a real-life hero for many. The 74-year-old man from Baran, Rajasthan has donated blood over 130 times. Now, he can’t donate his blood due to the age limit, he motivates others to do so.

Madan works as a manual labor, loading and unloading trucks with grain sacks in the markets of Baran. The first time he donated blood was in the year 1980, when no blood banks existed. As people came to know about how he saved a life, he became a hero in everyone’s eyes and people started approaching him when they needed blood for transfusion.

He says that he never felt any kind of weakness after donating blood. His job was to carry heavy sacks on his back, loading them into the trucks and also unloading them. However, even after donating blood many times, it never affected his health in any possible way. He also mentioned that when in 1980 he was donating his blood for the first time, it was to a person who required blood transfusion after he met with an a. As there were no blood banks at that time, he decided to help him.

He became so popular that everyone would come running to him in case of emergencies and there were also times when he used to donate blood within the intervals of 20-30 days.

He doesn’t have any kinds of health issues like hypertension or diabetes which makes him ineligible for blood donation but what makes him ineligible is his age. He has been able to help people because of his healthy and happy lifestyle. Loading and unloading the sacks in the trucks has helped maintain a good physique.

Even though the age limit in India is 60-66 years in most places and Madan is not in a position to donate anymore, he still never gives up and tries to do what is possible for him. People like him teach us many things and one of the most important is that the small acts of generosity help in saving lives.

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