7 part-time business ideas to generate extra income

business ideas to generate extra income c

Do you work a 9-5 job and feel your salary isn’t sufficient to meet ends? Or do you simply want to do something more with your life and earn money? If the answer to either of the two questions is positive, this listicle is what might be what you are looking for.

Starting small and safe in the world of entrepreneurship might just work for you.

Here are a few part-time business ideas which are bound to do well in the Indian market:

1. Graphic designing

The courses you took in college on CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator can definitely earn you some extra money. If you have a basic idea of designing softwares, you could use YouTube to learn the rest through tutorials. Graphic designing is in demand because startups want logos and vector designs for their social media page. You could also log on to websites like canva.com and make money in your spare time.

2. Tutor services

You could make some extra money by teaching people what you know. First, you need to figure out your target audience- high school students, college students, people looking to learn a new language etc. Once the TG is sorted, you can choose your medium of teaching- through videos, Skype sessions or conduct classes. Once, you are ready with all your material, all you need to do is advertise and soon, students will come pouring in. This business will work in India as parents are on a constant lookout for tutors.

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3. Pet care

Are you good with animals and love their company? If yes, you could be making money out it. All you need to do is spread the word in your neighbourhood about the variety of services you are offering. It could be dog-walking, pet shelter for owners on a vacation or/and a pet grooming business. People love their pets and are more than willing to shell out money if they know that their pets are safe in a hospitable environment.

4. Blogging

If writing is still your hobby; why not turn it into an income generating source? Currently, blogging is in great demand and an easy source of income. For instance, you can set up your own blog on WordPress and write about lifestyle events. Once you have a good fan base, fashion and lifestyle brands will soon start paying you to write for their events, products and listicles for higher reach. This arrangement is mutually beneficial and you get to pursue your passion.

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5. Fitness instructor

Why not turn your love for yoga or Zumba into a part-time job? If you have been practicing any form of workout over the years, you could earn money by teaching it to people in your neighbourhood. Worldwide, new forms of workout are cropping up and this business has great potential to do well in the country. You could start offering classes in local health clubs, parks, gyms or your own venture entirely.

6. Website designer

With a number of start-ups coming up and all existing companies going digital; this is a part-time option which has great potential. If you have a basic idea of .php, html or .net, you could create websites for companies or customise them. All you need is a laptop and good internet. To become a website designer, you could freelance and make innumerable websites for companies. Web designing internships are offered on intershala.com, twenty19.com and freelancer.com.

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7. Freelancer

If you can provide the companies with a gamut of services, why not explore the field of freelancing? A freelancer can make money off websites such as freelancer.com by providing companies and individuals with a variety of services- content writing, graphic designing, data entry, photography, video editing etc.