6 ways to stay focused when you are working from home

stay focused when you are working from home c

It is very easy to get distracted when you are working from the comfort of your home. However, to remain focused and deliver good output seems like challenges which is why you need to follow the tips listed below to remain focused while working from home:

1. Make your own time-based rule

Most people follow a 52:17 or 30:5 rule in which they work for 52 or 30 minutes followed by a break for 17 or 5 minutes respectively. You can choose to make up your own time rule based on what you think will be most productive for you.

2. Give yourself little treats

There isn’t anything wrong with bribing yourself with little treats in order to be productive. By promising yourself something at the end of the completion of a task, you add more incentive to get that work done and turn a blind eye to the distractions around.

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3. Dress professionally

Attire adds greatly to the psychology of productivity which is why it is always better to change into professional clothes before starting work. Changing clothes gives you the professional headspace you need to start, working for the day.

4. Get out a little

Just because you are supposed to be working from home, you don’t need to confine yourself to just that space. Sometimes, going out to work in coffee shops or parks can boost creativity and help you concentrate on your work better.

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5. Have a workspace

You are likely to not feel like working in your bed and more importantly, under your blankets. Even if your job requires/allows you to work from home, it is advisable to create a workspace inside your house which helps you concentrate solely on work to increase productivity.

6. Make a schedule

Every morning before starting your work, it is necessary to make a schedule for yourself which classifies your targets according to priority. Making and sticking to a schedule will also make you more organised as you know exactly what you’ve completed and what work needs to be done next.

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