6 ways to boost productivity at work

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When the work turns out to be boring or monotonous or piles up to become a lot, an entrepreneur usually loses interest and tends to slack off. This affects the company’s productivity as well as the entire morale of the team to work since the boss doesn’t seem pumped up. Thus, an entrepreneur always needs to be motivated and do better than what he was doing the day before.

Here are 6 ways to increase productivity:

1. Self imposed deadlines

You know better than anyone else what your capabilities are and how much time you actually require to complete a work. So, if a client gives you two days to finish a task and you know that you can get it done in a day, impose the deadline on yourself so that you complete the work in the set deadline and have remaining time for other things. This boosts productivity and helps you stay focused on one task.

2. Always follow the two-minute rule

Entrepreneur and strategist Steve Olenski once said that “if one can do a task in two minutes or lesser, one should do it right then”. This is a brilliant concept because it doesn’t leave any space for procrastination. Also, he claims that if a person leaves the smaller tasks for later, they tend to take longer to complete them.

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3. Don’t attend unnecessary meetings

Since you are the captain of the ship, you need to look over a million things, however, you job doesn’t demand you to attend unnecessary meetings which don’t really need you. According to a survey, most people spend an extra 30 hours weekly attending unproductive meetings. An entrepreneur can delegate and do more important work in that time.

4. Take breaks

By breaks, we don’t mean a lunch break; but when you’ve been staring at your computer screen all day, you eyes and brain need a break. It could be as simple as a 2 minute walk in the fresh air or going to a beverage dispenser to get coffee. Taking breaks get your blood flowing and when you return to your workstation, you are fresh and are able to focus better. Hence, taking breaks when you experience fatigue will actually boost your productivity.

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5. Use a to-do list

An entrepreneur might have a million things he needs to accomplish in a day and as the day progresses, s/he might forget one or two of them. hence, it is always better to make a to-do list and do the tasks which are more important earlier and delegate the less important ones. Also, a to-do list helps you remember what you need to do and when. You can also have a do-later list for small things that aren’t crucial but demand your attention.

6. Reward yourself

It is always easier to work when you are bound to get incentives out of doing a task. So, your incentive could be a bonus or a nigh out with friends after a long time you’ve been waiting for. These things will come only when you work hard for them. so, just like a kid is made to do things by promising him an incentive, do the same for yourself. You’ll be amazed to see how focused and hardworking you become.

Hope this article helps you become more productive at work!

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