6 TV shows or web series which every entrepreneur must watch

web series which every entrepreneur must watch

As we are aware of the fact that visual impact is more powerful as compared to simply hearing or trying to remember things. An entrepreneur can aspire to learn various lessons from certain TV shows and sitcoms. These TV shows or web series might or might not be based on entrepreneurship but the lessons derived from them are invaluable.

Shark Tank

This American reality series is a no brainer which every entrepreneur should watch. The panel of judges referred to as “Sharks” decide whether to invest in an entrepreneur’s idea or not based on a 10-minute dramatic pitch. This show teaches us about the reality and pressures of a pitch presentation and also teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to evaluate their idea like the sharks.

TVF Pitchers

Developed by TVF, this TV series went viral in no time. This show trails the life of four friends whose lives change after one of them gets drunk and quits his job. He then decides to build on the idea which had always been at the back of his mind. He also convinces his friends to leave their jobs and join him in his venture. They reach the final round of NASSCOM start-up conclave which triggers a chain of events which explain the ground reality of setting up a start-up perfectly.

This show is a must watch for all entrepreneurs if they want to learn about building up on an idea.

The Profit

This popular series isn’t all happy and teaches you the ground realities of entrepreneurship. Featuring one of the biggest tycoons, Marcus Lemonis, who decides whether or not to invest in an idea, this show focus on the triangular mantra for success- People, Process and Product. Also, this is a great learning experience for viewers as it teaches what not to do as an entrepreneur in the first part.

Simply watching this show won’t give you profits but you could focus on Marcus’ profitable tips to succeed in your venture.

Game Of Thrones

The most popular HBO series which focuses on the fight between various contenders for the iron throne teaches a lot of valuable lessons to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Daenerys teaches us the importance of building a strong and loyal team, Tyrion and Lord Varys through their cunning acts remind us why knowledge is important and Jon Snow reminds us why we should never underestimate ourselves in any situation.

How I Made My Millions

The popular CNBC original show focuses on common people who made it big with their idea and hard work. The show focuses on the whole journey from the start and then moves on to the various transitions and finally how the entrepreneur tastes success. This is a must watch for every entrepreneur aspiring to make million through his idea as stories of common people are bound to inspire him.

Orange Is The New Black

You might be shocked to see this Netflix series listed for entrepreneurs. But the series which focuses on lesbians in prison can teach you a lot about entrepreneurship through Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov. She is smart and builds a kick-ass supply chain to promote her innovative idea and ends up making profits in prison!