5 ways to combat the blank page syndrome

blank page syndrome

If you are in the creative field of work, you are bound to encounter a mental, creative block at some point of your career. This condition is known as the blank page syndrome. The blank page syndrome can be due to mental burnouts or lack of inspiration.

However, there are a few effective ways in which you can get over blank page syndrome:

i. Add minor alterations to your routine

Following the same, monotonous routine daily can hamper your creative cells and cause a mental roadblock. However, by making simple changes in your daily routine, you can combat this syndrome and start producing ideas again. For instance, instead of typing out your content, use a pen and paper to write it down or start working outdoors for natural inspiration.

ii. Take a break

Just like your body needs a break when there is physical exertion, your mind needs one too. It is you duty to give your brain some time off so that the cells can relax and start thinking in a creative manner again. During your break, get rid of anything related to work and start doing things you love like take a walk, paint, sing etc.

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iii. Interact with people

During a creative roadblock, interacting with people can be particularly helpful as there are points or ideas you might have overlooked and the other person hasn’t. The other person might also be able to give you a new and fresh perspective which can serve as the basis to a new idea you could build upon. However, you should talk to people outside your workspace for this jumpstart.

iv. Induce some caffeine into your bloodstream

This tip might or might not work for you. However, a lot of creative people claim that when they are going through a mental slump, caffeine helps in reenergising them and enhancing short term memory. Caffeine also helps in increasing concentration and problem-solving skills which in turn boosts productivity.

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v. Be optimistic

Just because you are experiencing a creative slump doesn’t mean that it is the end of your career. Not being able to produce creative thoughts at the moment doesn’t mean that you will not be able to do it in future. Embrace your flaws instead of criticising them and accept the fact that you are going through this syndrome which your can try and get out of with utmost optimism.