5 ways Amazon is nailing the e-commerce business in India

Amazon which aims at improving customer service globally has been cutting competitors out of the e-commerce race by providing killer service. There are certain things all other companies can learn from Amazon and aim at improving.

Here are a few things Amazon India has done to gain a competitive edge:

Lower prices

Unlike other e-commerce websites in the country, Amazon.in has done its ground research beautifully which helped them gain a competitive edge over other websites. They realised the importance of pricing and offer believable discounts on the website which has lead their sales treble in the festive season.

Amazon Prime

The company has come up with a loyalty programme which aims at improving customer experience. For INR 499, subscribers in 100 cities can avail single day delivery and have to pay no extra charges. The members of this programme also get to view the lightning deals about 30 minutes before everyone else.

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Brilliant return and refund services

For returns and refunds, Amazon offers brilliant customer service. All you need to do is shoot a mail or call up their toll free number which is answered by trained Amazon officials who try and solve your problems in the most polite and courteous way possible. Unlike other websites, availing these services is really convenient for the customers.

Perfect delivery of orders

While other websites have often been reported to mess up orders and deliver bricks instead of the real product, Amazon has stressed on their delivery and nailed it each time. They also deliver orders on time and are rarely late. In this way, Amazon has been able to build a brand value which they have managed to sustain upon very successfully.

User-friendly app

Amazon mobile app was the first e-commerce app to be launched which allowed them to use a first mover advantage. The app is also very user friendly which attributes to 40% of the e-commerce giant’s sale.

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