5 Top Countries in Europe for Startups

Top Countries in Europe for Startups

It can make a huge difference as to where in Europe you decide to start a new business. Some countries embrace people with an entrepreneurial flair more than others and there are huge differences between borders when it comes to aspects of running a business such as taxes and incentives.

If you search for company registration Ireland, for example, you will quickly discover that it is a country that is geared towards encouraging startups. That could make it a suitable venue for registering your business, and it would be among one of the top 5 in Europe.

Here is a look at some of the leading countries in Europe for startups, in no particular order, as it may depend on what specific incentives or business landscape you are searching for.

Ireland offers tax incentives

It is widely considered that Ireland has a very favourable tax regime. It offers a comparatively low corporation tax rate of 12.5%, and it also offers some potentially advantageous double tax agreements.

It is worth noting that this generous tax regime is also a positive aspect when your business becomes profitable. If you are looking to sell your startup once it has become established the tax incentives in Ireland could make it a very attractive acquisition target.

Estonia is regarded as the digital capital of the world

Estonia has deliberately positioned itself as a digitized economy and has made it very easy to obtain a work and entrepreneurial visa.

You can even become an e-resident of Estonia so that you can manage your Estonian business remotely.

As you would expect, it has a highly favourable corporation tax framework. If you are an IT startup, Estonia is definitely a country that should be on your radar.

Great Britain is open for business

The capital city of London is well established as a startup-friendly environment that is considered unrivaled anywhere else in the world, outside of Silicon Valley.

Some of the other major cities in Great Britain, such as Manchester and Birmingham are competing for startups. That means you can often get great deals and incentives on business premises, plus access to a very competent and skilled workforce.

Sweden has proved to be a good breeding ground for startups

You only have to look at some of the success stories coming out of Sweden to appreciate that this is a great country to found a business in.

The country seems to pride itself on encouraging entrepreneurs who are successful in disrupting established industries by using digital technologies to make their mark.

If your startup was based in Sweden you would be amongst good company.

Finland ticks a lot of boxes

Finland is a country that definitely punches above its weight. It offers a very work-friendly environment and hosts a plethora of very successful tech companies.

In addition, Finland is renowned for welcoming startups. It even has a local ecosystem that tracks the progress of the top 100 startups. The government is also proactive with grants and loans available.

All of these venues offer attractive terms and conditions if you are a startup. They also provide a great place to live as well as work, so making your choice could be a hard decision.