5 things all entrepreneurs could learn from Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is a popular model, actress and reality show star. Apart from being a sensation on Instagram, she is also a very successful entrepreneur who has built a huge empire for herself.

Here are five things every entrepreneur could aspire to learn from Kim Kardashian:

i. She started young

She might have gotten popular only after her hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians but very less people know that she started engaging in business at a really young age. She worked at a drug store before starting her own business on eBay. She claims that her father had always taught them to earn money if they wanted money, so, that’s what she went ahead and did.

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ii. The power of branding

Complain all you want to about Kim K selling lame stuff but that woman does know how to brand all the merchandise she sells. She makes sure her name and face (plus body parts) are there on all her products- lip glosses, tee-shirts, cups, posters etc. Whatever business you choose to look at, you will discover Kim K’s products with her name and stamp on them.

iii. Big on publicity

Not every superstar can claim publicity the way this woman does. She has created an empire out of a sex tape and through her reality show which features her and her family; she has managed to gain publicity across the world. From cutting her hair to taking a holiday, anything she does become international news instantly.

Very few entrepreneurs can actually claim to be able to it but putting themselves out on a public forum.

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iv. Social media marketing

Nobody uses social media platforms as well as Kim Kardashian does. It all started with her sex tape being leaked on the internet but she turned it around to receiving followers and building and engaging with her audience on social media. She understood the power of social media and used it well to converse with her audiences. Currently, a single tweet by Kim Kardashian is estimated to be around $20,000.

v. Continue being in the spotlight

Kim Kardashian is aware of the fact that she is a public figure and treats the media with civility. She graces the paparazzi by posing outside restaurants and public events. By pausing and posing for a minute, she gains a million followers each day.

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