4 Franchise options to get you started on your first business

Different franchise options

Starting a business for the first time is extremely difficult, which is why many new entrepreneurs turn to franchise opportunities to help them get started. With a franchise, you’ll have a template for running your business that makes it easier to get off the ground. Here are four types of franchises that are suitable for first-time business owners.

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Parlor

If you’re interested in getting into the food industry, securing an ice cream or frozen yogurt franchise is a great way to begin. These establishments will require you to learn the basics of ordering, inventory and safe food handling without forcing you to manage a full-scale restaurant menu. This kind of franchise can also be quite profitable, especially during the summer months when people are looking for cold treats.

Cleaning Service

For people who are great at meticulous cleaning, starting a cleaning franchise can be an excellent option. These franchises can often be run as a single-person operation, though you will also have the option to expand by hiring on more staff. The overhead cost is also fairly low, since you’ll mostly only have to buy basic cleaning supplies. Cleaning franchises can be especially lucrative if you secure commercial clients who need office spaces cleaned regularly.

Yard Sign Business

A yard sign franchise is a good option for creative people who are passionate about helping customers promote events, sales or causes. Believe it or not, there’s a reasonably large market for custom yard signs and relatively few businesses out there to create them. Although it may not be a niche that you’ve thought of entering before, getting into the yard sign industry can be a fantastic opportunity for a first-time business owner.

Power Washing Service

Power washing is important for keeping homes, buildings, driveways and parking lots clean and in good shape. While some property owners have their own pressure washers, many choose to outsource this task to professionals. Owning a pressure washing franchise is a good choice for people who love to be outdoors since almost all of the work will be done outside. Despite its low cost of entry, owning a pressure washing franchise can make you some serious money once you’ve built up a decent client base.

Of course, there are thousands of different franchise opportunities out there that will allow you to start your own business. For new entrepreneurs, though, these four are among the best and most approachable options.

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